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08/29/2016: Akron Water System Update

This is a message from John Asmus, Village of Akron Chief Water Plant Operator:

As of this morning, most of the reports throughout our system have noted that their water quality has returned to normal.  The recent rainfall in the watershed combined with cooler temperatures over the past few weeks have continued to cool the water temperature of the reservoir which has helped greatly with the taste and odor problem that our team has been diligently trying to control over the past few weeks.

This was not a health or safety issue, but rather a taste & odor issue.  Our team took twice the required bacterial samples during this event and our water never violated any limits or had any tests returned with any growth to ensure the safety level of our water.

The reservoir level is currently 38" below the spillway which is well within the normal operating range for this time of year despite the area's severe drought conditions seen this summer.  This caused our system, and many others, to make adjustments to process control, treatment changes and additional testing to monitor these changes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Akron Water Plant at 585-547-9410 or