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Legislator Patrick B. Burke

Patrick B. Burke  

District 7

District Office:

4th Floor Old County Hall

92 Franklin Street

Buffalo, NY 14202

Phone: (716) 858-8480





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Legislator Patrick B. Burke’s resolution toward County wide broadband internet passes

(Buffalo, NY) – A resolution submitted by Legislator Patrick B. Burke, representing Cheektowaga and Buffalo, was passed unanimously last Thursday by the Erie County Legislature.  The resolution addressed many of the access and high price issues faced by families all across Erie County from rural to urban communities caused by the lack of competition in the broadband internet industry. 

Citing the success of a large scale municipal broadband system that was created in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the resolution proposes that the Economic Development Committee take steps toward the implementation of such a system in Erie County.  The broadband system in Tennessee was cited by many of that area’s manufacturers as a reason to invest in Chattanooga.

A broadband system in Erie County could act as a spur to internet price competition in the region.  By reduce the operating costs of schools and other major institutions, allowing a cheaper alternative for start-up businesses, a County wide broadband system could serve as another regional asset for job growth.  Revenue generated by the broadband system could also go toward reducing Erie County’s dependence on sales tax revenue.

Experts will be called to speak on the issue at future meetings of the Economic Development Committee when the Erie County Legislature comes back from recess in September.

Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke pushes for Transparency and Accountability

Over the past few decades Erie County has increasingly turned to private companies to help taxpayers get the job done better, faster and more cheaply, or at least, that is what is claimed.  In many cities and states across the county government officials, taxpayers and journalists are dealing with a new problem, a complete lack of contractor accountability and transparency.

County Legislator Patrick Burke Seeks a Public Hearing on Cell Phone Spying by Erie County Sheriff’s Office

Buffalo, NY- Reports have indicated that the Erie County Sheriff has purchased equipment that intercepts private cell phone data and information, including exact locations as well as numbers of those calling or texting and also the calls or texts received.

“The recent news of the use of spying equipment by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office is incredibly alarming. I request that you call a public hearing as soon as possible on this matter in order to determine how this equipment is being used by the Sheriff’s Office, and what safeguards are being put into place to protect against abuse,” wrote Erie County Legislator, Patrick B. Burke, in a correspondence to the Chairman of the Legislature, John J. Mills. The letter was clocked into the record today, Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

For more information please contact Legislator Patrick B. Burke at (716) 858-8878 or

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