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Biography & Media Kit

Legislator Burke serves on:

- Community Enrichment Committee

- Economic Development Committee

- Energy & Environment Committee 


It's a rare occurrence for an ordinary citizen to run for office and win, but that is exactly what Pat Burke did in 2013. A community activist tired of seeing the dysfunction and corruption in our political system, Pat decided to run himself. With little more than the shoes on his feet, Pat pounded the pavement and knocked on doors. His win was a shock to the political establishment. The media announced Pat's victory saying: "Burke will arrive at County Hall virtually free of political debts- a true independent. Couldn't we use a couple dozen more like that in elected office?"

Pat has certainly shaken things up since being in County Hall. 10 – 1 votes aren’t out of the ordinary because Pat isn’t afraid to stand on his own on tough issues. He has driven significant policy initiatives such as The Erie County Municipal Broadband Network, The Erie County Planning Board, and a Ban on Micro-Bead Plastic Pollution.

Pat is a graduate of Buffalo State College with a Bachelors degree in Political Science. Pat served a year of National Service with AmeriCorps, and worked for The United Way of Buffalo and Erie County. Pat has also worked for the Gaelic American Athletic Association, one of Western New York’s most well established cultural organizations.

Pat has always been committed to transforming our region. At the age of 21 he founded a not-for-profit organization to revitalize a troubled Buffalo neighborhood. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, he bought and renovated a troubled property in the neighborhood, making it an asset. Pat is willing to put his money where his mouth is and now he’s changing the culture of closed-door politics that have plagued our County Government.


6-15-17 Amending Tax Act Can Help in the Fight Against "Zombie" Homes

5-11-17 Legislature Needs to Work Together to Protect Honeybees 

4-13-17 Treatment Options for Opioid Addiction Must be More Available 

3-8-17 We Need to Protect Lake Erie from Federal Funding Cuts

1-12-17 Middle-Income Child Care Relief Should be Priority 

12-15-16 Americans Must Move Past Political Divisions

11-10-16 Veteran Health Care Must be Priority for Next Administration

10-13-16 New Addiction Services Doing Well But Require More Resources

9-15-16 Last Week Proves Productive in Push for Innovative Solutions 

8-11-16 Water Quality Fund Necessary for Tackling Infrastructure


7-14-16 Erie County Residents Must Have Access to Broadband Network

6-9-16 Cheektowaga Will See Some Repairs from Highway Package

5-12-16 Process for Lead Inspections Requires Overhaul

4-4-16 Standing with CWA against Verizon 

3-10-16 Legislators Need to Pass Common Sense Law for Concussion Training

2-11-16 County's Heroin Problem Needs to be Addressed

1-14-16 Public Hearing Needs to be Held on Animal Abuse Registry

12-10-15 "Mimosa Law" would Repeal Sunday Alcohol Sale Restrictions

11-12-15 Poland Should be Included in Visa Program

10-15-15 County Needs to Address Habitual Criminals Issue

9-10-15 Political Leaders Should Represent Citizen's Interests

8-13-15 Residents' Safety Remains a Top Priority

7-9-15 Microbead Law Needs Support to Protect Environment, Residents

6-11-15 Microbead Legislation will Help Protect the Great Lakes

5-14-15 Town Deserves Help from County to Repair Infrastructure

4-9-15 Leaders Need to Work Together to Create Better Communities

3-12-15 Economic Development Should Create Opportunities for Everyone

2-12-15 Government Reform Should Focus on Banning Outside Influence

1-15-2015 More Funds Should be Available for Extracurricular Activities

12-11-14 Holiday Season Means Spending More Time with Family

11-13-14 State Needs to Make Changes to Properly Fund Public Schools

10-9-14 Several Issues Will Need to be Addressed to Strengthen 7th District

9-11-14 Residents Need More Options for Internet, Cable

7-10-14 New Bills Stadium Should be Built in the City of Buffalo  

6-2-14 Free Services Available to Help You Reduce Your Heating Bills

4-4-14 County Road System Should be Reformed to Help Taxpayers