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Burke’s Vaccination Awareness Resolution Passes Health Committee


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Burke’s Vaccination Awareness Resolution Passes Health Committee

Legislature Calls for Increasing Awareness in Low Vaccination Communities

Buffalo, NY – The Erie County Department of Health indicates that 25 schools in Erie County reported immunization rates lower than 95%, the passage of the Vaccination Awareness Resolution calls on the Department of Health to focus on increasing awareness about the importance of immunization in the communities around those schools.

“I hope that by continuing to make the community aware of the importance of vaccinating their children, we will be able to raise the immunization rate and create a stronger, healthier environment for our children,” said Legislator Burke.

Vaccinations not only protect the health of a child, but also provide larger health protections to the whole community by stopping the spread of viruses to immunocompromised individuals.  In recent years many parents have made the choice to not have their children vaccinated based on erroneous claims that vaccination leads to other debilitating diseases such as autism.  Belief that autism was caused by the MMR Vaccine is based on a 1998 publication by Andrew Wakefield who has since been discredited as fraudulent, and shown to have manipulated the data.

The Erie County Legislature encourages families to heed the advice of their health professionals when making the important decision to vaccinate their children.


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