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Burke Introduces Invest in Erie, Invest in America Act


Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke has introduced the Invest in Erie, Invest in America Bill before the Erie County Legislature. After a “Buy American” bill (LL 13-1 Sponsor: Morton) was quickly rushed through the Legislature with no committee discussion, after the Erie County Attorney’s Office issued a statement saying the bill was unlawful since it was “preempted by state competitive bidding status,” and that “implementation of this LL (13-1), as written, would be impossible.” The bill was hastily voted on and passed the County Legislature 10-1, despite these very pressing and concerning flaws with the proposed law. The sole dissenter was Legislator Patrick Burke.

“Erie County residents deserve better than a one paragraph bill with a catchy phrase for its title. They deserve policies that will truly improve their lives and livelihoods. This community has been hit hard from a loss of manufacturing jobs, the effects of which can be felt through every corner of our county. I have walked with union workers on every picket line fighting for fair wages so they can maintain a reasonable standard of living. These workers always worry the jobs they have will be shipped overseas. For someone to come in and claim to have a policy that will help the working class when in reality it’s a stunt to merely seem to be pro-labor, is a shame.” Burke said.

The Invest in Erie, Invest in America Act has been carefully thought out and includes provisions that will actually promote and encourage local businesses right here in Erie County, as well as American businesses in a way that is legal and effective. It is not my intention to ram this bill through to a vote, the process of committee discussion and public input must be respected. As I said when the previous bill was passed, the hardworking men and women of Erie County deserve a bill that will actually work for them and help ensure local, American businesses that put money back into our economy are considered preferentially in their dealings with the County. Now they have one.”