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Burke Legislation Influences Statewide Agenda

On Wednesday, April 13, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced recommendations made by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Working Group. This diverse group of alcoholic beverage industry experts, charged by Governor Cuomo with reviewing and recommending changes to New York State’s 80-year old Alcoholic Beverage Law, conducted four public meetings and agreed on over a dozen recommendations to revise, consolidate, and modernize the law.

“New York State’s Blue Laws, which dictate when alcohol can be sold and served, are what prohibit an adult from having a mimosa or a Bloody Mary on Sunday mornings over brunch,” said Legislator Patrick Burke. “I am pleased that, once again, a discussion we began right here in Erie County with a resolution I proposed is being noticed at higher levels of government. I thank Governor Cuomo and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Working Group for acknowledging that New York State’s laws on the sale and consumption of alcohol are out of date and in need of change.”

Last year, Legislator Burke introduced the Erie County law that banned the sale of microbeads; a harmful plastic bead found in hygiene products that cannot be filtered out at water treatment plants and therefore ends up staying in our water supply and harming wildlife. That law served as a model for the federal ban making the sale of microbeads illegal nationwide.

Ultimately, the recommendations by the working group require action by the State to be implemented. Governor Cuomo is now reviewing the findings before executing the appropriate actions.