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Republican Erie County Legislators Play Dirty Politics with Youth Concussion Law

Erie County, NY- A local law intended to protect children from traumatic brain injury was clocked in by Democrat Legislator Patrick B Burke (7th District) on March 1, 2016, coinciding with Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness month. In an effort to build bipartisan support, Legislator Burke gave advanced copies to Republican legislators and opened the concussion awareness legislation up for co-sponsorship.

In a political double move, the Republicans suspended in a resolution at the last minute which copied Burke’s legislation, removed the enforcement powers, removed Burke’s name as sponsor and added the names of each Republican caucus legislator.

“I come from a blue collar family that takes pride in hard work and I would be truly embarrassed if I were a Republican Erie County Legislator right now. Taking credit for other people’s work is unfortunately all too common but this action by the Erie County Republicans takes this to an all new level. My office represents nearly 90,000 constituents and I have one person on staff. We sacrificed our limited resources in order to develop this local law so that kids playing contact sports in Erie County would be safer” said Burke. “I opened the legislation up to the Republicans and encouraged them to offer amendments so that we could find common ground. Unfortunately, the Republicans are attempting to gut the legislation that would protect kid's developing brains and take credit for protecting kids developing brains in one move.”

Burke believes the action by Republican legislators was also an effort to avoid negative publicity when they block the legislation from coming to a vote.  



Burke's Local Law

Republican Suspension