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Assessment Challange - FAQ

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1.  Assessments
     How assessments are determined. 

2.  Exemptions
     Common exemptions available.

3.  Assessment Cycle
     Challenge Information
     Important Timetable

4.  Data Collection
     Building permits
     Property Sales
     Field Review
     Property Inspections

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6.  Glossary
Common Terms

Frequently asked Assessment Challenge Questions

Is it required to submit an Informal Review Application before I go to Board of Assessment Review?

It is not required that you participate in the Informal Review Process before you submit your Grievance Form for The Board of Assessment Review. The Informal Review is offered by the assessor as an option to resolve any assessment discrepancy before the formal Grievance process.

However you MUST participate in the Board of Assessment Review process to continue to Small Claims, if you are not satisfied with the Board’s decision.

What information should I include in either my Informal Review or Board of Assessment Review?

The Review Worksheets are required for the Informal Review and may be helpful in organizing your information for the Board of Assessment Review. These forms detail some basic information about your property and will ask you to provide comparable sales information for 4 recently sold properties to determine the market value of your property. This sales information is available on our new Online Assessment Information System (OARS)

When searching for sales information, remember location, style, age, and size. For example, it will not be productive to compare your 2500 SF Colonial built in 2000 located in a subdivision to an 2500 SF Old Style built in 1940 located on Main St. There are undoubtedly plenty of sales in your subdivision/neighborhood that are better comparables to your property.

Remember to use recent sales. It is not recommended to use any sales older than 2 years.

If there are physical conditions that you feel affect the value of your property, an assessment adjustment may be made for these conditions. You must provide dated photos of these conditions and the assessor may request an inspection of the property. Any adjustments made based on physical conditions, are subject to annual review to verify condition.

Do I need to purchase an appraisal to submit for review of my assessment?

We do not require an appraisal for the Informal Review. If you have a recent appraisal, for example for your new purchase or re-finance, we would be happy to review it as part of your challenge.