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New Home Construction Process

Click here to download the new home application packet.

1.  Property survey - stamped by a New York State licensed surveyor for lots not on a field subdivision map.
2.  Site Plan - See residential site plan list - Grading and Drainage Plan.
3.  Soil Testing - Acceptable tests are either a Geoprobe Soil Boring Test OR a STP soil Boring Test. (Effective January 1, 2008).
4.  Building Plans - three complete sets, one stamped with original legible Engineer or Architect Seal (State of New York), as required by State Law and/or the Town of Clarence.
5.  New York State Energy Requirements - with legible Engineer or Architect Seal, dated and stamped. (Effective January 1, 2008).
6.  Plumbing - Plumber for both inside and outside work must be licensed with the Town of Clarence.  Plumber has to sign the permit in the Building Department Office.
7.  Highway Department Driveway Culvert Approval - subdivisions included.  Culvert and stone to be in place before starting any site work.  If culvert pipe is needed, set up an appointment with the Highway Department involved for installation of the pipe.  Pipe is to be purchase by the applicant, installed only by the Highway Department issuing the approval.  (Town Highway- 716-741-3210, County Highway - 716-759-8328, State Highway - 716-632-3386 or 716-683-3476).  For any projects on Town regulated roads, the applicant must go to the Town of Clarence Highway Department to apply and obtain a Highway Work Permit between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00 pm.  (Driveway Culvert Permit may be downloaded and filled out.  You can go to the Highway Department to have the permit signed for approval or email it to and the Highway Department will forward it to the building department once approved).  Driveway stone must be maintained to eliminate mud. (Mud on the streets will NOT be tolerated). 
8.  Erie County Health Department approved paperwork for septic  systems only.  Sewer approved paperwork for Erie County Sewer Dist. #5 obtained from Erie County Sewer located at 3789 Walden Avenue Lancaster, NY 14086  684-1234, 684-1235 or 684-1267.  If project is in Clarence Sewer districts, the sewer fee is paid along with the building permit.
9.  General Contractors or persons acting as contractors - will require submission of proof of Worker's Compensation coverage prior to a permit application is processed.
10. Building Permit Application - to be completed.  The owner of record form must be signed by the owner.
11. No lot clearing or filling until complete application for Building Permit is filed in our office.
12. Need Architect/Engineer Code Review Checklist (stamped) - the Residential Checklist must be completed by the Design Professional.  Forms can be found at  Then click on forms.
Submit all parts of preceding forms and papers as required to the Building Department for review and approval.  It is necessary to have a telephone number or instructions as to how the applicant can be contacted if there are any questions or problems.
In reference to multiple family residential, restricted business, neighborhood business, commercial, research development and industrial zoned properties, these must be reviewed by the Clarence Town Board and/or the Planning Board as stated in the zoning Ordinance before a permit issuance can be made.  Any questions call the Building Department - 716-741-8950 (7:00 am - 3:30 pm) Fax - 716-741-8517. 
Note:  All Inspections are to be scheduled 24 hours in advance.  NO exceptions!