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The Erie County Clerk’s Office is located in Old County Hall 92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202 on the first floor.  Our office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.  If you are going to visit our office please make sure you are in line with all your completed documents by 4:15 p.m. 

NOTE: The Pistol Permit Department is CLOSED to the public on Wednesdays.


The Erie County Clerks Office will be CLOSED in Observance of the following Holidays: New Year's Day; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; President's Day; Good Friday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Election Day; Veterans Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas.

General Information

Clerk’s Office Phone 716-858-8785
Clerk’s Office Fax 716-858-6550
Clerk’s Office Email
Thank A Vet Discount Program 716-858-4737
Administration Office 716-858-8866
Passports 716-858-8866
Mailbox Rentals 716-858-8866
Account Holder Services 716-858-6423
Technical Issues 716-858-6216

Customer Service

Certificates of Official Character 716-858-8797
Commissioner of Deeds 716-858-8797
Criminal Bond Liens (Discharge) 716-858-8797
Liens (Release) 716-858-8797
Notary Card Renewals 716-858-8797
Judgments (Satisfactions & Transcripts) 716-858-8797

Land Records

Discharge of Mortgage 716-858-6724
Financial Statements 716-858-6425
Map Covers (Recording) 716-858-6724
Mechanic’s Liens 716-858-8797
Federal Tax Liens 716-858-8797
Mortgages (Recording) 716-858-6724
State Tax Warrants 716-858-8797
Power of Attorney (Recording) 716-858-6724
Uniform Commercial Code Filings 716-858-6724
Volunteer Firemen’s Exempt Certificates 716-858-6724

Legal Division

Civil Actions (All cases other than criminal) 716-858-7766
Lis Pendens 716-858-7766
Criminal Records (Closed) 716-858-7877
Divorce Records (2007 – Present) 716-858-7766
Judgments (Recording) 716-858-6481

Pistol Permits

Clerk’s Office Phone 716-858-6600
Hunting & Fishing License 716-858-6600

Record Room (all copy requests)

Census Records 716-858-8690
Corporations and Assumed Names (DBAs) 716-858-8690
Divorce Records (2006 – Prior) 716-858-8690
Declaration of Intent (Immigration Copies) 716-858-8690
Deeds (Copies) 716-858-8690
Floor Clerks (Copies) 716-858-8690
Marriage Licenses (Prior to 1935) 716-858-8690
Military Discharge (DD-214) 716-858-8690
Mortgages (Copies) 716-858-8690
Naturalization Records (to 1929) 716-858-8690
Partnership Certificates (DBAs) 716-858-8690
Veteran’s Peddler’s Permit 716-858-8690
Map (Copies) 716-858-8690
Power of Attorney (Copies) 716-858-8690

Erie County Auto Bureau

Customer Service 716-858-7450


Insurance Lapse 1-518-474-0700
Lemon Law 1-518-474-8943
Medical Records Rev. 1-518-474-0812
Sales Tax 1-800-225-5829
Special Plates 1-800-364-7528
Title Bureau 1-518-486-4714
Parking Violation Bureau (Bflo.) 716-851-5183

Helpful Government Websites

Nat'l Sex Offender Registry
FTC Identity theft
FTC Consumer Protection
FDIC Lien Release