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Monday, July 1, 2013

New On-line Reservation program will start with Commercial Drivers Licenses

Erie County, NY - Each year over 2,000 Erie County residents take the test to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). These CDL’s are needed to operate larger commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks, school buses and of course, tractor trailers.  “Many of these folks are taking an exciting step to enter a good paying career in this industry,” said County Clerk Chris Jacobs.

Today, Jacobs hosted an informational session at the Auto Bureau in Cheektowaga for the many companies and organizations that provide certified CDL training in the area, such as First Student, National Tractor Trailer School and area school districts who have their own transportation departments. 

Jacobs’ staff has been working over the last year to develop a reservation system so CDL test takers can make an on-line reservation to schedule a time to take the test, which takes over an hour to both take the test and be scored.  “Right now its luck-of-the- draw whether you come at a time when lines are short or long and thus the wait time is unpredictable,” said Jacobs.  This is difficult on the CDL aspirants who may be taking time off of their current job to take the test, and slow down the entire Auto Bureau operation for other customers.

The Erie County Auto Bureau on-line reservation system is very easy to use and walks you through the process of making an appointment. Jacobs said this CDL reservation system will also be helpful for the general public. “Sometimes we get 10 or more CDL test takers who come in at the same time after they have just completed their course which causes a ‘bottleneck’ that triggers delays and increases wait times for everyone,” stated Jacobs. He hopes the CDL reservation system will reduce these “bottlenecks” and improve the traffic flow for all customers.

Clerk Jacobs anticipates to “go-live” with his CDL Reservation System in early July at the Downtown, Cheektowaga and Northtown Auto Bureau offices.