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 First Time Registration

To register a vehicle for the first time you will need to complete a Registration/Title Application, Form MV82.

You will need to bring proof of ownership, which is a title or transferable registration in your name, or a title or transferable registration which has been signed over to you. You will need proof of insurance in the registrant's name. You will need to complete a New York State Tax Form (DTF802), obtainable at any Erie County Auto Bureau or the tax form can be downloaded by clicking here. The registrant is required to present a driver's license or 6 points of identification. A bill of sale is needed if the vehicle has been manufactured within the past 7 years.

Renewal of Registrations: RENEW LOCALLY...
$ave Money for the County, $ave Time for You!

Vehicle owners are encouraged to drop off the renewal invitation received in the mail from the State of New York at one of the 9 Auto Bureau outlets or in the drop box located in the County Clerk's Office rather than mailing the form and all of the money back to the State. This will result in a faster turn-around time of approximately 2-3 days compared with upwards of 30 days if you renew by mail.

In addition, dropping off the renewal form and check will ensure that Erie County receives 12.7% of the transaction fee, rather than the State of New York. If you renew online or by mail, the County does not receive any of the much-needed revenue. For the Registration Fee Schedule for Passenger Vehicles click here.

To renew your registration, complete the registration renewal reminder or complete form MV82, the Registration/Title Application. If you have changed insurance companies or changed your name due to marriage/divorce, you will also need to bring this form into an Erie County Auto Bureau outlet, along with your original title and legal papers giving you the right to change your name.

Other Registrations (Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Boat and Trailers)

The Erie County Auto Bureau can assist with other registrations as well. Just stop in to visit of one our locations.

For information on registering your boat, as well as some boating safety tips, click here.

For information on how to register a snowmobile in New York State click here. A New York State Snowmobile Registration Form
(MV-82SN) will need to be completed. 

Note that now under changes in New York State law, a two-tier registration fee for snowmobiles is in place beginning with 2006 renewals, depending upon whether the registrant is a member of a snowmobile club affiliated with the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA).

A registrant will be required to pay:

$102.50 ($12.50 registration fee + $90 trail fund fee) if the registrant is NOT a member of a snowmobile club; or

$47.50 ($12.50 registration fee + current $35 trail fund fee) if the registrant IS a member of a NYSSA Snowmobile Club.

  1. Provides proof of membership in a NYSSA snowmobile club AND
  2. Signs the Snowmobile Club Membership Certification statement on the back of the SnowMobile Membership Certification statement on the back of the Snowmobile Registration Application (MV-82SN)

Click here for Information on Joining a Local Snowmobile Club

Replacing Lost Registration Items

To replace lost registration items, you will need to complete the Registration/Title Application form MV82. Bring in the registration stub or the current plate number to your vehicle. If one plate is lost, bring in the remaining plate. If both plates are missing, you must obtain form MV-78B (report of lost, missing, or stolen plates, available from your local police station). If the loss is a result of a crime, an MV-78B or a letter from a police agency is required. The registrant must present a license or 6 points of identification.

Transferring License Plates to a Different Vehicle

To transfer plates to a different vehicle, complete form MV82, the Registration/Title Application. Bring proof of ownership, a title or transferable registration in your name or a title or transferable title in the registrant's name. Complete a sales tax form, which is available from an Auto Bureau Office. Bring a bill of sale. Bring the current registration stub or the plate number to the registration which you wish to transfer. If the registrant is not the owner of the vehicle, have the owner complete the center section of the MV82. If the registrant is not the owner of the vehicle, a driver's license or 6 points of identification must be presented for both the registrant and the owner.

Making a Change on Your Registration

To make a change on your registration, complete form MV82, the Application for Registration/Title (Fee is $50.00). Bring the current registration certificate or the current plate number. Bring the title if the vehicle is 1973 or newer. If you are changing name, partnership, vehicle year, vehicle identification number or registration class you will need proof of insurance in the registrant's name plus proof of the change to be made. The registrant must present either a driver's license or 6 points of identification.

Applying for a Duplicate Title Only

If a title has already been issued with your name on the front, you may apply for a duplicate title. Complete form MV902, the Application for a Duplicate Certificate of Title. The form can be downloaded by clicking here. The applicant must present a driver's license or 6 points of identification. If the owner is deceased, the paperwork should be sent directly to Department of Motor Vehicles (Title Bureau; Empire State Plaza; Albany, NY 12228-0322). If the address has changed, please bring in proof of address. The fee for a duplicate title is $20.00.

Obtaining a Title Only

If you have acquired a vehicle which you do not wish to register, but need a title which shows your name on the front as owner, you must complete form MV82, the Application for Registration/Title. You need to clear the State Sales Tax Department. You receive a receipt for sales tax by completing sales tax form DTF802 or DTF803 and presenting it to an examiner along with a bill of sale. The application for registration, the sales tax receipt obtained at an issuing office, the ownership to the vehicle, and a check for $20.00 must all be mailed to:

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
Title Bureau
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12228-0322

You will need to include photocopies of your driver's license or photocopies of 6 points of identification along with your application.

Questions Regarding an Insurance Card

Insurance must be in the name of the registrant. A DBA (doing business as/assumed name) cannot be registered. It must be a New York State Insurance Card, Fs20, Fs75,76, 77. A 3 digit code must show on the card and it must include an insurance company bar code. The agent must sign the card, and the correct year, vehicle make, vehicle ID number and effective date must be on the card. There can be no alteration.

Method of Payment
The Erie Auto Bureau accepts cash, checks or money orders made payable to the "Erie County Clerk", Visa and Mastercard.

Parking Violations
To reach the Buffalo Parking Violations Bureau, call: 716-851-5182.

Personal and Custom Plates
Custom license plates may be ordered at an Erie County Auto Bureau Office or directly from the State Department of Motor Vehicles. You can get information and order plates by telephone: 800-364-7528. You can also order personal and custom plates online by clicking here.

Traffic Violations

For information about traffic violations received in the Buffalo metropolitan area you may call: 716-851-8257. For information on traffic violations not received in Buffalo, call the court in the town where the summons was issued.

The following is a list of Town Courts and their telephone numbers:

MunicipalityPhone (716)
Alden 937-3411
Amherst 689-4200
Aurora 652-5275
Boston 941-6115
Brant 549-0300
Cheektowaga 686-3914
Clarence 741-8948
Colden 941-5012
Collins 532-3340
Concord 592-9898
Eden 992-3559
Elma 652-1855
Evans 549-3707
Grand Island 773-9650
Hamburg 649-6111
Holland 457-3022
Lancaster 683-1814
Marilla 652-1213
Newstead 542-4575
North Collins 337-3712
Orchard Park 662-6415
Sardinia 496-8900
Tonawanda 876-5536
Wales 652-3320
West Seneca 674-5600