Information Systems

Marlaine Hoffman, Deputy Director, E 9-1-1 and Information Systems
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The Information Systems Division was established to create and implement standardized computer services to be made available to each of the full-time City, Town and Village Police Departments in Erie County.

With the focus on centralizing services that would assist each of these departments in complying with federal and state reporting mandates, division personnel implemented one of the most advanced and comprehensive Police Record Management Systems in the United States.

Core components such as: Police Reporting using standardized data gathering and reporting techniques; the Erie Municipal Police Information Retrieval Enhancement System (EMPIRE) System supporting the on-line Police Telecommunications Network with more than 250 terminals and pc's creating the link for immediate response to inquiry and maintenance transactions received from other state and federal Criminal Justice Systems, and the County Police System for Mobile Data (CPSMD) supporting up to 150 mobile data terminals installed in Police Vehicles, provide information needed to assist Police in the performance of their duty.

Though the core components are deemed to be the most important of Information Systems services and support, additional needs of Police and other Criminal Justice Agencies are met through:

  • research and development of unique techniques that reduces personnel time and related costs in processing data by each Criminal Justice Agency;
  • research and development of unique software designed for local Police Department in-house systems;
  • research and development of unique techniques that assists processing data to the state level;
  • consultation services in computer-related issues to all Criminal Justice Agencies;
  • standardized training in Police Reporting to the State and Federal government;
  • standardized training in use of the Police Communications Network and access to state and federal Criminal Justice Systems;
  • maintenance of telecommunication and local system security programs;
  • seminars related to privacy, security and freedom of information issues;
  • on going maintenance and support of more than 900 programs used in the police systems.

Personnel, including mid-level management, senior to junior programmer analysts and clerical control, provide 24-hour, 7-day support for the police telecommunications network as well as crucial police record systems. In addition, research, design and implementation of state-of-the art technology along with the search for funding to support new applications is an on-going function within the Information Systems Division.

Previous efforts have resulted in application and receipt of grant funding for programs such as:

  • dynamic transmission of arrest-fingerprint data to New York State's Criminal History Record Repository (the first of its type in the United States)
  • implement scanning of police documents adding the information to the appropriate database
  • research, assist and implement automatic statistical reporting at the state level
  • Deployment and maintenance of in-car summons and accident reporting
  • Implement county wide data sharing between law enforcement agencies
  • Implement centralized storage and retrieval of License Plate Reader captures

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