Interviewing for Integrity

Interviewing for Integrity

May 19, 2014

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

John E. Reid and Associates and Town of Tonawanda Police Department will be holding a Trianing Seminar designed for Law Enforcement and Government Agencies on Interviewing for Integrity.

John E. Reid and Associates has been conducting pre-employment interviews of applicants applying for positions of trust.  In this one-day training seminar we will share with you interviewing techniques and strategies that will significantly enhance your ability to identify high-risk applicants before they become problem employees - without incurring the expense of costly background investigations.

Training Location:

Town of Tonawanda Police Department

1835 Sheridan Drive

Kenmore, NY 14223

Course Fee:

$185.00 per person

Topics Covered:

You will learn how to develop the pre-employment interview structure so as to:

  • Recognize when an applicant is withholding relevant information
  • Identify when a candidate has falsified information on the application
  • Solicit information about such sensitive activities as:
    • Theft from previous employers
    • Use of illegal drugs and narcotics
    • Abuse of alcohol
    • Involvement in undetected criminal activities
    • Paying or receiving bribes
    • Use of excessive physical force
    • And more
  • Develop admissions about wrongdoing when the candidate initially tried to conceal such information
  • Assess the overall integrity and trustworthiness of the candidate

All of the topical informtion is supplemented by the use of vidotapes of real life candidate interviews.

Each participant at the program will recieve a 75 page training manual and a Certificate of Course Completion.

To Register or for further information:

Call Jeanette at 1-312-583-0700 Ext. 10 or fax 1-312-583-0701

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