Buffalo Women and the Wage Gap

April 2017
  • Median annual earnings for women working full-time is $40,610.00 vs. $50,966.00 for men.
  • One in six girls and women live at below the poverty level in Erie County.
  • In 2016 the median annual earnings for women working full time in Erie County was $40,610.00 vs $50,966.00 for men
  • If the wage gap were eliminated on average, a working woman in the US could afford:
  • 15 months of childcare
  • 1.2 years of tuition fees for a four year college
  • 78 weeks worth of food
  • 7 months mortgage and utility payments
  • 11 months of rent
  • As a result of lower lifetime earnings, women recieve lower social security benefits


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