Legislation Regarding Women

A00390 Authorizes references for orders of protection to judicial hearing officers or referees at any time and requires training about domestic violence for them.
A00438 Relates to the entitlement to unpaid leave of absence for victims of domestic violence
A00455 Requires limit to maximum length of stay at residential program for victims of domestic violence to not less than 180 days
A00456 Adopts the family violence option in the Social Security Act permitting waiver of federal program requirements or penalty provisions for domestic violence services
A00755 Prohibits employers from discriminating against victims of domestic violence or stalking
A00804 Provides for the imposition, at local option, of a probation administrative fee upon persons on probation for a crime of domestic violence</>
A01023 Directs social services districts to contract with non-residential programs for victims of domestic violence to provide outreach and education in high schools
A01055 Prohibits certain discriminatory practices against victims of domestic violence
A01429 Sets forth additional conditions which may be available in an order of protection for victims of domestic violence
A01437 Relates to the definition of a neglected child
A01440 Relates to preventing the unnecessary removal of children from a custodial parent who is the victim of domestic violence
A01635 Provides domestic violence victims and crime victims with supervision while taking depositions
A02365 Provides that a victim of domestic violence who has been forced to leave certain housing accommodations shall be deemed to be occupying such accommodation as a primary residence
A02497 Provides for implementation of domestic violence employee awareness and assistance policies by employers and grants disability benefits credit therefor
A02499 Authorizes the crime victims board to accept other official documents in lieu of police reports for documentation of eligibility for compensation
A02714 Requires college campuses to provide incoming students with information about domestic violence and stalking prevention
A02812 Classifies as murder in the first a killing that is preceded by and is the product of a pattern of domestic violence; lets jury choose prison for less than life
A02858 Directs secretary of state to accept service of process and mail on behalf of victims of domestic violence wishing to keep their location secret
A02984 Directs court to consider barring parent who has threatened harm from home
A03185 Creates the crimes of domestic violence for acts of violence against family members
A03297 Provides that officers may arrest a person for violating an order of protection and provides for mandatory police training regarding the handling of domestic violence
A03335 Requires medical assistance to be provided to victims of domestic violence to care for and treat any scarring resulting from the domestic violence incident
A03808 Requires registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physicians, physicians assistants and specialist assistants to complete domestic violence training or course work
A03910 Relates to the rights of a victim of domestic violence to cast special ballots if they leave their residence because of such violence
A04046 Increases the personal needs allowance of individuals in nursing homes and individuals in residential programs for victims of domestic violence
A04052 Requires insurers to provide victims of domestic violence with the option of providing alternative contact information
A04185 Establishes requirement for certain persons, including physicians and law enforcement personnel, to file reports of domestic violence
A04338 Authorizes use of closed-circuit television for the testimony of domestic violence victim witnesses in a criminal proceeding
A06735 Directs commissioner of education to develop programs of child abuse and domestic violence awareness on a primary and secondary school level
A07016 Authorizes a court to order the confidentiality of election registration records of a victim of domestic violence
A08621 Provides that certain actions for injury caused by domestic violence may be commenced within two years
A08675 Requires that the training required of certain health care professionals for identification and reporting of child abuse include a domestic violence component
A09017 Enacts provisions relating to domestic violence; requiring attorneys for children to receive training or education in domestic violence
A09018 Relates to domestic violence; repealer
A09020 Relates to preventing discrimination against victims of domestic violence from housing discrimination; repealer


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