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10/18/2019 Drunk Driver Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Manslaughter
10/18/2019 West Falls Man Charged with Sex Abuse
10/17/2019 Student Charged for Shots Fired Incident at Buffalo State College
10/17/2019 Tonawanda Man Sentenced for Series of Convenience Store Robberies
10/16/2019 Manager Pleads Guilty to Stealing Funds from Medical Supply Company
10/15/2019 Husband Indicted for the Murder of His Wife in Their Cheektowaga Home
10/15/2019 Drunk Driver to Serve Jail Time for Causing Crash in Collins
10/15/2019 City Program Coordinator Charged with Criminal Sexual Act
10/11/2019 Buffalo Man Indicted for Fatal Stabbing Near Tonawanda Mini-Mart
10/11/2019 Assault on Parole Officers Results in Prison Sentence
10/10/2019 Town of Tonawanda Man Found Guilty of the Murder of His Girlfriend
10/8/2019 Parolee Sentenced for Possession of Fentanyl and Drug Paraphernalia
10/7/2019 Grand Island Sentenced for Causing Death of Toddler
10/3/2019 Teen to Serve Maximum Sentence for Fatal Shooting on Lisbon Avenue
10/2/2019 Judge Finds West Seneca Man Guilty in Domestic Violence Case
10/1/2019 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Killing His Grandmother
9/27/2019 Jury Finds Deputy Guilty for Assaulting Tailgater Outside Stadium
9/27/2019 Buffalo Man Indicted for Murder Near the Buffalo State College Campus
9/27/2019 Social Security Scammer Sentenced
9/26/2019 Man Charged for Fatal Stabbing at McKinley Mall in Hamburg
9/26/2019 Buffalo Man Indicted for Murder in Main Street Apartment
9/25/2019 Drunk Driver Sentenced for High-Speed Attempt to Avoid Arrest
9/25/2019 Buffalo Man Charged for Fatal Stabbing Near Tonawanda Mini Mart
9/25/2019 License Renewal Reveals Social Security, SNAP Benefits Scam
9/24/2019 Jury Finds Husband Guilty of Harassing Victim, Violating Court Order
9/23/2019 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Raping, Assaulting Victim
9/19/2019 Jury Convicts Defendant in Armed Robbery Carjacking Case
9/19/2019 DA Flynn, Mayor Brown and Buffalo Police Encourage City Residents to Enroll in SafeCam Program
9/19/2019 Buffalo Man Receives Jail Time for Sex Abuse
9/16/2019 Buffalo Man Indicted for the Fatal Stabbing of His Mother and His Ex-Girlfriend
9/13/2019 Hamburg Man Sentenced for Raping an Underage Victim
9/12/2019 Cheektowaga Man to Serve Prison Time for Assault and Sexual Abuse
9/11/2019 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Rape
9/11/2019 Defendant Pleads Guilty to Drug and Gun Charges in Separate Cases
9/10/2019 Buffalo Man Indicted for Riverside Homicide
9/10/2019 Serial Burglar Pleads Guilty
9/10/2019 West Side Man Charged with Aggravated Animal Cruelty for Killing Cat
9/6/2019 Cheektowaga Man Sentenced for Attempted Sexual Conduct with Juvenile Victims
9/6/2019 West Seneca Man to Serve Time in Prison for Attacking Girlfriend Inside Her Home
9/6/2019 Buffalo Woman Sentenced for the Fatal Stabbing of Her Boyfriend
9/5/2019 Lower West Side Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty
9/3/2019 Drug Dealer Sentenced for Selling Fentanyl to Undercover Officer
9/3/2019 Drunk Driver Sentenced for Causing Wrong-Way Crash on Kensington Expressway
9/3/2019 Lockport Man Indicted on Hate Crimes Following Road Rage Incident in North Buffalo
8/30/2019 Judge Finds East Amherst Man Guilty on Sexual Assault Against a Child Charge
8/30/2019 Driver Admits to Assaulting Another in Cheektowaga Road Rage Incident
8/30/2019 Cheektowaga Man Sentenced for Killing Buffalo Woman
8/29/2019 Buffalo Man Charged for Riverside Homicide
8/26/2019 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Attempted Rape in Allentown
8/26/2019 Collins Woman Sentenced for Crash That Killed Man, Injured Child in Concord
8/26/2019 Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter as Accomplice in Lisbon Avenue Homicide
8/26/2019 Buffalo Man Admits to Killing His Grandmother
8/26/2019 Grand Island Woman Pleads Guilty for Causing Death of Toddler
8/23/2019 Husband Indicted for the Murder of East Side Woman
8/23/2019 Reckless Driver Sentenced for Nearly Striking Police Officer at Crash Site on Route 33
8/22/2019 Health Department Worker Sentenced for Falsifying Food Safety Inspections
8/22/2019 DA Flynn Alerts Law Enforcement, School Districts to Changes Under Red Flag Law