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1/16/2019 Former Lackawanna Councilman Sentenced for Official Misconduct
1/15/2019 Gunman Sentenced for Fillmore Avenue Homicide
1/15/2019 Former UB Student Sentenced for Defrauding Transportation Companies
1/9/2019 Felon Pleads Guilty to Fatally Shooting Teen in Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood
1/9/2019 Gunman Sentenced in Pries Avenue Homicide
1/9/2019 Two Charged for Kidnapping Witness to Prevent Testimony at Murder Trial
1/9/2019 North Buffalo Man Sentenced for Causing Explosion in His House That Damaged Neighboring Homes
1/7/2019 Classic Fence & Lumber Owner Receives Probation for Scamming Customers
1/7/2019 Buffalo Man Arraigned for Sending Sexually Explicit Messages to Underage Victim
1/7/2019 Former Corrections Officer to Serve Time in Prison for Attempting to Kill His Ex-Girlfriend
1/7/2019 Robber Sentenced for Assault on Elderly Victim
1/7/2019 Gunman Pleads Guilty in Shooting That Injured Two
1/4/2019 Williamsville Man Pleads Guilty to Sexual Abuse of Underage Victim
1/4/2019 Boyfriend Sentenced for the Murder of His Girlfriend's Step-Grandfather
1/3/2019 City of Tonawanda Man Indicted for Setting His Ex-Girlfriend on Fire
1/3/2019 Felon Sentenced for Burglarizing Church Rectory A Second Time
1/3/2019 Tonawanda Man Sentenced for Kidnapping
1/2/2019 Judge Finds Defendant Guilty of Murder in Fatal Shooting
1/2/2019 Buffalo Woman Charged for Kidnapping Infant
1/2/2019 Drug Dealer to Serve Time for Selling Cocaine to DEA Informant
12/24/2018 Charges Filed Against Son in the Murder of His Mother
12/24/2018 Charges Filed Against Grandson for the Murder of His Grandmother
12/24/2018 Charges Filed in Road Rage Incident
12/21/2018 Charges Filed in Domestic Violence Attempted Murder
12/19/2018 Felon Sentenced for Assaults, Gun Possession and Soliciting to Have a Victim Killed
12/18/2018 Gunman Sentenced in East Delavan Avenue Homicide
12/18/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Fatal Shooting on Wright Avenue
12/18/2018 Felon to Serve Time for Violent Attack on Chocolate Shop Employee
12/17/2018 Teen Pleads Guilty to the Murder of Her Step-Grandfather
12/13/2018 Attorney Admits to Scamming Elderly Client
12/13/2018 Restaurant Owner Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud
12/11/2018 Queens Man to Serve Time for Gym Locker Room Thefts
12/10/2018 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in West Side Shooting That Killed One, Injured Another
12/5/2018 Buffalo Man to Serve Time in Prison for Wyoming Avenue Shooting
12/3/2018 Jury Finds Husband Guilty of Strangulation
12/3/2018 Woman Charged in Hit-and-Run at UB North That Critically Injured Pedestrian
11/30/2018 South Buffalo Brothers Sentenced for Multi-Jurisdictional Burglary Spree
11/30/2018 Felon Pleads Guilty to Drug & Gun Charges
11/29/2018 Father Sentenced for Starting House Fire That Caused the Death of His Son
11/29/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty in Fatal Shooting on Pries Avenue
11/28/2018 Cheektowaga Man Sentenced for Attempted Murder
11/28/2018 Amherst Man Indicted for Predatory Sexual Assault Against a Child
11/28/2018 Buffalo Man Charged with Murder of Girlfriend
11/27/2018 Convicted Felon Sentenced for 1991 Shooting That Killed Teenager, Injured Others
11/21/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty in the Murder of His Girlfriend's Step-Grandfather
11/19/2018 Judge Finds Buffalo Man Guilty of Murder in East Delavan Avenue Homicide
11/19/2018 Jury Finds Felon Guilty on All Charges for Attack on Chocolate Shop Employee