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01/06/2012 Walden accident resolved by prison, fine
01/13/2012 Buffalo man pleads guilty to three separate robberies in Buffalo and Cheektowaga
01/13/2012 Buffalo man pleads guilty to criminal possession of a weapon, his fifth felony in eight years. DA will seek Persistent Violent Felony Offender status at sentencing
01/17/2012 Hamburg woman charged with Aggravated DWI by drugs and Endangering the Welfare of a Child for incident in Orchard Park
01/18/2012 Befriender of two travelers guilty of rape
01/26/2012 Killer gets 20-year prison sentence
01/31/2012 Two Buffalo men charged with murder, burglary and robbery in Cheektowaga shooting.
01/31/2012 Veteran Prosecutor Honored by the District Attorney's Association of the State of New York
02/02/2012 Man Heading to Prison for Buffalo Fatal Hit and Run
02/02/2012 Williamsville real estate agent charged with stealing $30,000 from 2 victims
02/03/2012 Buffalo man pleads guilty to robbery and gun charges
02/07/2012 Jury convicts Buffalo man of Burglary and Robbery in April 2009 Huntington Avenue incident
02/07/2012 East Amherst woman charged with Vehicular Manslaughter and DWAI - Drugs in fatal accident at the foot of Ontario Street in Buffalo
02/08/2012 Man gets 21 years in fatal shooting following fight on Chippewa
02/10/2012 Man who drove vehicle into Main Transit Fire Department charged with criminal mischief
02/13/2012 Appellate court rules against convicted rapist
02/13/2012 Appellate Division upheld 2010 robbery conviction
02/15/2012 Gottsche sentenced 25 to life in murder of woman
02/16/2012 Buffalo man charged with murder in Guilford Street shooting of NFTA bus driver
02/22/2012 Law enforcement officials support measure to expand DNA databank
02/22/2012 Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III and New York’s Deputy Secretary for Public Safety Elizabeth Glazer join with police chiefs from throughout Erie County to support Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s proposal to expand New York’s DNA Databank
02/23/2012 Arrest made in Watkins' shooting death
02/23/2012 Suspect in Stabbing at Wegmans is Arraigned on Attempted Murder Charges
02/23/2012 Cheektowaga man charged in shooting death of a man in Cheektowaga Town Park
02/29/2012 Man gets maximum sentence for killing mother of four
02/29/2012 Woman Charged With Violation of Probation After Probation Officer Allegedly Finds Pills in Her Possession
03/01/2012 Alleged Shooter at New Year's Festivities Downtown Indicted on Assault and Related Charges
03/01/2012 Kalinowski found guilty of second-degree murder
03/01/2012 Investigation by DA's Office leads to conviction of man who lied to police causing the arrest of an innocent woman
03/05/2012 Buffalo man charged with having sex with a 12 year-old girl
03/09/2012 Amherst physician plead guilty to not paying his state income tax
03/13/2012 Man pleads guilty to criminally negligent homicide in death of fiance
03/15/2012 Radio Shack Employee Charged with Grand Larceny
03/15/2012 Tonawanda Man Admits to Stealing Over $366,000 From Employer
03/16/2012 Man Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder and Other Charges Related to Slashing in Front of Main Place Mall
03/16/2012 Attorney pleaded guilty to stealing from estate of client
03/16/2012 Prosecutors Secure Another Conviction of an Employee Stealing From Their Employer
03/16/2012 Car salesman pleaded guilty to Grand Larceny charges for stealing nearly $37,000 from customers
03/16/2012 Blasdell Woman Admits to Stealing Over $176,000 From Employer
03/21/2012 Man Charged With Murder in Pandora's Sports Bar Shooting
03/23/2012 Five Time Convicted DWI Offender Charged With His Sixth
03/26/2012 Two Convicted of Separate Larceny Charges Spared Jail
03/27/2012 Orchard Park Court Clerk Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Court Documents
03/28/2012 Woman Who Stole Almost $21,000 for Snow Plowing She Couldn't Provide Pleads Guilty
04/02/2012 Getzville Man Pleads Guilty in Crash That Killed Two on Kensington Expwy.
04/05/2012 Riverside woman sentenced to 25 years to life in husband's death
04/13/2012 Gang member found guilty in Dominique murder
04/20/2012 Former Employee at Norampac in Lancaster Pleaded Guilty to Grand Larceny for Stealing Over $38,000 from Employer
04/26/2012 Women Who Defrauded Elderly Sentenced to a Mix of Prison, Jail and Probation
05/04/2012 Inmate Charged With Conspiracy for Agreeing to Pay to Kill Victim of His Crime
05/07/2012 Alden Man Charged With Predatory Sexual Assault
05/08/2012 Suspect in 1994 Cold Case Murder Charged
05/11/2012 Man Convicted at Trial of Predatory Sexual Assault Against a Child, Incest and Other Charges
05/15/2012 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty in Stabbing Murder of West Seneca Man
05/15/2012 DA Announces Three More Convictions on Gun Possession Cases, Brings Total to 55 for the Year
05/21/2012 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Charges in Connection With Car Crash That Killed a Passenger and Injured an Off-Duty Police Officer
05/22/2012 Buffalo Man Admits to Stealing From a Trust That Was Set Up to Help Pay For Cancer Treatments for Woman
05/23/2012 Blasdell Man Pleads Guilty to Higher Charges Than Initially Filed in Vehicular Manslaughter Case in Town of Brant
05/24/2012 Man on Parole Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Possession Charges
06/01/2012 Man Charged in Murder of His 10 Year-old Stepson
06/01/2012 Lancaster man pleads guilty in fatal hit-and-run
06/05/2012 Former Erie County Legislator Pleads Guilty to Felony Scheme to Defraud
06/05/2012 West Seneca Pharmacy Robber Pleads
06/08/2012 Welfare Fraud Conviction for Woman Who Also Was Convicted of Bilking Clients for Snowplowing Services
06/11/2012 Jury Finds Men Guilty as Charged in Violent Home Invasion After Separate Trials
06/11/2012 Man Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Assault in Alcohol-Related Crash That Injured Driver
06/12/2012 South Buffalo Man Sentenced for Murdering Former Employer
06/12/2012 Cold-Case Murder Solved With DNA Evidence
06/13/2012 Attempted Murder Conviction Leads to 20 Years to Life Sentence
06/18/2012 Orchard Park Teen Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Assault and DWI
06/18/2012 Man Sentenced to 25 to Life for Murder of Girl in Hewitt Avenue Home
06/21/2012 Driver, Passed Out Behind the Wheel of His Car, is Charged With Aggravated DWI and DWI
06/28/2012 Ken-Ton Baseball Coach Pleads Guilty to Endangering the Welfare of a Child
06/29/2012 Undercover Gun Buy Leads to Indictment for Criminal Possession and Sale of Firearms
06/29/2012 Case of Attempted Murder, Robbery and Witness Tampering Leads to Conviction of 2 Buffalo Men
07/11/2012 Man Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison for Sexual Acts Against an 8 Year-old Child
07/12/2012 Repeated Sexual Abuse of Daughter Leads to Conviction on Multiple Charges
07/12/2012 Man Sentenced in Fatal DWI That Injured Off-Duty Police Officer
07/16/2012 Real Estate Agent Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny
07/17/2012 Convicted Rapist Sentenced to 25 Years to Life in Prison
07/19/2012 Investigators Nab Fleeing Felon
07/20/2012 Woman Stopped on Rte. 219 with a .34% BAC Indicted for Felony DWI and Related Charges
07/30/2012 Jury Convicts Man of Robbery; Faces 25 Years in Prison
07/31/2012 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Robbery Charge Stemming from an October 2011 on Main St.
07/31/2012 Defendant in August 2011 Shooting in South Buffalo Convicted of Attempted Murder
08/01/2012 Man Charged With Assault and Robbery in Shooting Outside Pandora's Bar Found Guilty
08/03/2012 Accidental Shooting Leads to a Guilty Plea for Illegally Possessing a Weapon
08/03/2012 Fourth Man Pleads Guilty in Gunpoint Robbery Case from November 2010
08/14/2012 Buffalo Man Pleads to 2 Counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon
08/15/2012 Bank Robber Pleads Guilty to Robbing 3 Banks in Buffalo and Amherst
08/20/2012 Jury Convicts Man of Burglarizing Faith Based Fellowship Shelter in Buffalo
08/21/2012 Jury Finds Man Guilty of Duping Elderly Retired School Teacher
08/22/2012 Manager at Tully's Restaurant Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny
08/23/2012 Former Outback Steakhouse Employee Pleads Guilty to Robbery of Restaurant
09/04/2012 Stabbing in Brant Leads to Indictment for Murder
09/06/2012 Strangulation Conviction for Buffalo Man Who Assaulted Girlfriend
09/06/2012 Teens Charged With Murder in Stabbing and Burning of 17 Year-old near Colvin Avenue
09/13/2012 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Rape and Robbery Convictions
09/14/2012 Bank Robbers Plead Guilty in Robbery of Bank of America on Dick Rd. in Cheektowaga
09/17/2012 Alden Man Pleaded Guilty in Unemployment Insurance Fraud Scam
09/19/2012 Man Who Stole Credit Card Numbers Pleads Guilty to Scheme to Defraud
09/19/2012 Cheektowaga Man Charged with Felony DWI, Would be His Third Conviction
09/19/2012 Two Charged With Assault in Retaliatory Shooting That Injured an Innocent Bystander
09/21/2012 Buffalo Taxi Driver Convicted of Assault of His Fare
09/21/2012 Woman with Previous DWI Conviction Charged in Another Suspected Incident from May 2012
09/24/2012 Attorney Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny for Stealing Sales Tax Collected at Business
09/24/2012 Brothers Plead Guilty to Witness Tampering and Other Charges Related to Multiple Felonies
09/28/2012 Buffalo Man Indicted on Charges Related to His Alleged Robbing, Burglarizing and Assaulting of Elderly Victims
10/02/2012 Jury Convicts Man Who Was Stopped by Troopers on Delaware Avenue with Gun and Drugs
10/04/2012 Clarence Home Invasion Suspect Charged with Multiple Robbery Counts
10/04/2012 Passenger in Car that Injured Two Daemen College Students Charged With Probation Violation
10/05/2012 District Attorney Sedita's Affidavit Regarding IDV Court
10/05/2012 Woman Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder in Shooting of Woman Outside Main Street Nightclub
10/05/2012 Inmate Charged with Murder While Awaiting Charges on Arson and Assault
10/09/2012 Treasurer of Elementary School PTO Pleads Guilty to Attempted Grand Larceny
10/09/2012 DNA Evidence Leads to Plea in Robbery and Sodomy Case
10/10/2012 President of Youth Football League Admits Stealing from League
10/10/2012 Buffalo Man Indicted for Murder in September 23rd Shooting That Killed One and Injured Another
10/10/2012 Undercover Operation Leads to a Guilty Plea on 2 Counts
10/10/2012 Grand Jury Indicts Teen for Murder in East Side Shooting
10/12/2012 Inmate Admits Trying to Have Victim Killed
10/15/2012 Cheektowaga Woman Pleads Guilty to DWI and Vehicular Assault
10/17/2012 Embezzler Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny for Stealing Over $311,000
10/18/2012 District Attorney Announces Agreement Regarding Integrated Domestic Violence Court
10/22/2012 Man Who Skipped Bail Prior to Sentencing is Given 6 Years in State Prison
10/24/2012 Buffalo Man Charged in October 5th Murder on Woodlawn Avenue
10/24/2012 Woman Charged with Manslaughter in Stabbing Death of Her Boyfriend.
10/25/2012 Man Who Exposed Himself to Two Women Pleads Guilty to Public Lewdness
10/25/2012 Man Who Filed a False Claim for Lost Wages Pleads Guilty
10/25/2012 N. Collins Highway Superintendent Pleads Guilty
10/26/2012 Mother Pleads Guilty to Tampering with a Witness
10/30/2012 Two Men Plead Guilty to Robbing an Elderly Buffalo Woman
10/30/2012 Man Who Stole Over $500,000 From Buffalo Area Cleric Pleads Guilty
10/31/2012 Buffalo Man Guilty of 2 Counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon
11/05/2012 Jury Convicts Man Who Sexually Abused a 12 Year Old Victim over a Nearly Half Year Period
11/05/2012 Elmwood Village Thief Pleads Guilty to 4 Counts of Burglary
11/05/2012 Another Financial Elder Abuse Case Leads to Grand Larceny Conviction
11/05/2012 Sheriff's Deputy Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Assault in the First Degree
11/16/2012 Man Pleads Guilty to Three Separate Incidents from May to August 2012
11/16/2012 Stabbing in Line at Homeless Food Truck Leads to Assault Conviction
11/16/2012 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty in Home Invasion on West Side
11/19/2012 Men Who Robbed UB Students in Their Apartment Pleaded Guilty to 2 Counts of Robbery
11/20/2012 Jury Convicts Woman of Attempted Murder
11/21/2012 Grand Jury Indicts Buffalo Man for Murder and Attempted Murder
11/21/2012 Tonawanda Man Arraigned on Sexual Assault and Related Charges
11/30/2012 Man Charged With Murder in Shooting at Getty Gas Station in Buffalo
11/30/2012 Jury Convicts Prior Felon of 2 Counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon
12/03/2012 East Side Murder Suspect Indicted on Murder and Weapons Charges
12/10/2012 Jury Convicts Man Who Brought Weapon into a Convenience Store With Intent to Shoot a Patron
12/11/2012 Grandaughter Pleads Guilty to Stealing from Grandfather
12/11/2012 Church Thief Pleads Guilty to Burglary of Two Local Churches
12/11/2012 Dishonest Home Improvement Contractor Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny
12/12/2012 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Charges Related to Tonawanda Police Search of Motel Room
12/13/2012 Derby Man Pleaded Guilty to Attempted Rape
12/13/2012 Letter to Buffalo News Reporter Lou Michel Prior to Article Published on 12/13/12
12/17/2012 Former NYS Trooper Pleads Guilty to Promoting Prostitution
12/17/2012 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Robbery and Burglary Charges
12/20/2012 Owner of Buffalo Bar "Roxy's" Pleads Guilty to Charges of Grand Larceny and Petit Larceny
12/20/2012 "Hugging Bandit" Charged With Grand Larceny
12/20/2012 Husband and Wife Plead Guilty to Grand Larceny for Stealing from PTO
12/20/2012 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Robbing Victims at Gunpoint on Boehm Place on City's East Side.
12/28/2012 Woman Pleads Guilty to Attempted Bribery
01/10/2013 Motorcyclist Who Killed 2 Women on an Amherst Bike Path Pleads Guilty
01/10/2013 Man Pleads Guilty to Sexually Abusing 2 Minors
01/14/2013 Man Who Intentionally Drove Into Fire Station Pleads Guilty
01/14/2013 Robbery of Pizza Delivery Driver Leads to Guilty Plea
01/15/2013 Tonawanda Man Charged With Murder
01/16/2013 Prosecution Fights Off Claims of Incompetence and Lack of Integrity; Achieves Conviction
01/18/2013 Bank Robber Pleads Guilty to Robbery of Evans National Bank in Amherst
01/18/2013 Alden Social Studies Teacher Pleads Guilty to Endangering the Welfare of a Child
01/18/2013 Jury Convicts Buffalo Man of Criminal Possession of a Weapon
01/22/2013 Jury Convicts Man of Criminal Possession of a 357 Magnum Revolver
01/23/2013 Nursing Home Resident Charged With Manslaughter
01/25/2013 Prior DWI Offender Again Charged with Felony DWI
01/28/2013 Buffalo Woman Pleaded Guilty to Charges Relating to Hit and Run on Delaware and West Utica in the City
01/31/2013 Murder Conviction Handed Down by Jury
01/31/2013 Man Who Strangles and Assaults Pregnant Girlfriend Found Guilty
02/04/2013 Prior Felon Admits to Possessing a Loaded Pistol
02/04/2013 Owner of Buffalo Used Car Dealership Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny
02/06/2013 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Charges Relating to Three Residential Burglaries
02/08/2013 Three Charged in Attempted Murder and Perjury Case of a U.S. Army Private
02/11/2013 Man Takes Plea in Juvenile Rape and Sodomy Case
02/11/2013 Three Charged in Buffalo Home Invasion
02/14/2013 Wegmans Purse Snatcher Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny Charges
02/14/2013 Appeals Panel Upholds Conviction of Disbarred Attorney
02/15/2013 Defendant in the Case of 5 Armed Robberies Pleads Guilty
02/15/2013 Convicted Murderer Loses Appeal
02/15/2013 DA Continues to Fight Frivolous Appeals
02/19/2013 Graffiti Vandal Pleads Guilty to Felony Charges
02/19/2013 Man Faces 25 Years in Prison After Pleading Guilty to Criminal Sexual Act Charge
02/21/2013 Parolee Nabbed With Loaded Gun Convicted by Judge
02/21/2013 New Tactical Prosecution Unit Unveiled by District Attorney
02/25/2013 Syracuse Man Charged With Robbery at Boulevard Mall
02/25/2013 Buffalo Community Activist Sentenced to Jail Time
02/26/2013 District Attorney Sedita's Statement Regarding Confessed Killer Josue Ortiz
03/01/2013 Man Admits to Robbing 5 University at Buffalo Students in 2 Separate Incidents
03/05/2013 Depew Woman Indicted on Charges of Selling Controlled Narcotic Near Cheektowaga Central High School
03/06/2013 Brant Woman Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Manslaughter
03/06/2013 Two Charged with Attempted Kidnapping on Richfield Avenue in Buffalo
03/07/2013 Buffalo Man Indicted on Murder and Attempted Murder Charges
03/08/2013 Grand Jury Indicts Buffalo Man for Murder
03/08/2013 Jury Convicts Man of Rape and Course of Sexual Conduct Against a Child Charges
03/15/2013 Orchard Park Woman Charged with Felony DWI
03/18/2013 Three Homicide Convictions Upheld by Appellate Division
03/20/2013 Grand Jury Accuses Buffalo Man of Robbery and Assault
03/22/2013 Grand Jury Indicts Three Murder Cases
03/25/2013 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Running Down Three Pedestrians in Parking Ramp
03/25/2013 Teen Pleads Guilty in BB Gun Shooting
03/26/2013 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Robbery at a West Side McDonalds
03/26/2013 Akron Man Pleads Guilty to Felony DWI
03/27/2013 Another Domestic Violence Offender Convicted as Charged
03/27/2013 Buffalo Man Convicted by Jury of Criminal Possession of a Weapon
03/28/2013 Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita, III announced the following Leandra’s Law Case
04/03/2013 Antoine Garner, Indicted on Multiple Felony Cases, Pleads Guilty to Charges
04/04/2013 Man Who Stabs Wife in Wegmans Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder
04/04/2013 Man Charged with Robbing 7-Eleven Convenience Stores
04/10/2013 Man Pleads Guilty to Criminal Possession of a Weapon After a Months Long Manhunt
04/10/2013 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Weapons Possession
04/10/2013 Career Criminal Pleads Guilty to Possessing Gun
04/11/2013 Fifth Conviction This Week Alone for Felony Handgun Possession
04/11/2013 Another Criminal Weapons Conviction for DA's Office
04/12/2013 Multi-Agency Investigation Leads to Conviction on Forgery and Other Charges
04/15/2013 Two Buffalo Men Plead Guilty to Robbing Three Victims
04/17/2013 Man Who Ambushed Family in Their Apartment Pleads Guilty to Burglary
04/19/2013 Woman With Prior DWI Charged With 2 Counts of Felony DWI
04/23/2013 Two Charged With the Murder of 96 Year-Old Man
04/23/2013 Man Pleads to Criminal Weapons Possession Charge
04/24/2013 Fredonia Man Pleads Guilty to Buffalo Burglary and Robbery
04/25/2013 Career Thief Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny and Attempted Burglary Charges
04/26/2013 Jury Convicts Lifetime Criminal of Robbery and Weapons Charges
04/29/2013 Bookkeeper Admits to Stealing Approximately $1,300,000 From Employer
04/29/2013 Buffalo Teen Pleads Guilty to Aggravated Cruelty to Animals
04/30/2013 Orchard Park Man Pleads Guilty to Burglarizing Eight Businesses
05/01/2013 Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Sex Crime Against Infant
05/02/2013 Convicted Rapist Pleads Guilty to Failing to Register as a Sex Offender
05/06/2013 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Lackawanna Burglary
05/08/2013 Mother Indicted in Death of 8 Year-old Daughter
05/09/2013 Man To Be Arraigned on Three Residential Burglary Charges
05/09/2013 Defendants Convicted in Prostitution/Extortion Scam
05/10/2013 Jury Convicts Man of Assault in Case of Witness Intimidation
05/10/2013 Teen Charged in Murder of 96 Year-old Man
05/15/2013 Defendant Convicted in Another Leandra’s Law case
05/17/2013 North Tonawanda Man Convicted of Vehicular Assault in Drunk Driving Case
05/22/2013 Gun-Toting Drug Dealer Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
05/23/2013 Grand Jury Returns Multi-Count Indictment in Serial Robberies and Murder
05/23/2013 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Possession of Loaded Pistol
05/24/2013 Property Manager Runs Off with the Rent and Rolls the Dice
05/24/2013 West Seneca Man Charged With Killing Mother
05/24/2013 Jury Finds Man Guilty of Criminal Possession of a Weapon After a Four-Day Trial
05/28/2013 Two Charged With Intimidating and Tampering With a Witness
05/29/2013 Embezzling, Tax-Dodging Lawyer Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
05/31/2013 Defendant Admits to Dealing Drugs in the Presence of her Children
05/31/2013 Burglary Ring Foiled: Members Plead Guilty as Charged
06/03/2013 Man who Backed Out of Guilty Plea Found Guilty by Jury
06/04/2013 Sexual Predator Sentenced to State Prison
06/04/2013 West Side Man Charged with Murder
06/04/2013 Home Invasion Trio Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
06/04/2013 Man Who Stabs Wife in Wegmans Sentenced After Pleading Guilty to Attempted Murder.
06/05/2013 Big Gulps Land Robber in Big Trouble
06/05/2013 Defendant’s Love For Guns Will Return Him to State Prison
06/05/2013 Depew Woman Pleads Guilty to Selling a Controlled Substance Near Elementary School
06/07/2013 Buffalo Teen Pleads Guilty to Murder in the Second Degree
06/10/2013 Fool the Court Once, Get a Program; Fool the Court Twice, Go to Jail
06/12/2013 Third Time Not a Charm for Soused Driver
06/13/2013 Judge Slams the Door on Career Criminal
06/14/2013 Trusted Teacher Exposed as Conniving Crook
06/14/2013 Third Time Not a Charm for Embezzling, Tax-Dodging Bookkeeper
06/24/2013 Skimming Secretary Convicted of Grand Larceny
06/24/2013 Rapist’s Conviction Upheld on Appeal
06/24/2013 Two Down, One to Go
06/25/2013 Revolving Door Finally Slams Shut on One Man Crime Wave
06/26/2013 Dogged Pursuit of Craig’s List Robber Results in Successful Prosecution
06/26/2013 Crack Dealer’s Second Career as Armed Robber Comes to Grinding, Screeching Halt
06/27/2013 Disproportionate Response to Disrespectful Look Results in Ex-Con’s Swift Conviction
06/27/2013 Convictions Upheld by Appellate Division
06/28/2013 Home Invader Indicted by Grand Jury
06/28/2013 Rapist Not Laughing Now
07/12/2013 Pilfering Postman Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
07/16/2013 Lackawanna Man On The Road to Third DWI Conviction
07/17/2013 Gunpoint Robbery Leads to Murder
07/17/2013 DA Investigation Exonerates Innocent Man
07/22/2013 Alleged Murderer Indicted by Grand Jury
07/23/2013 Twitter Tantrum Turns Tragic
07/23/2013 Bookkeeper Pleads Guilty to Stealing From Employer
07/24/2013 Faculty Member Exposed
07/24/2013 Barkeep Turns Out to be Tax Cheat
07/29/2013 Attempted Getaway and Repeated Defiance Finally Land Defendant in Jail
07/29/2013 Buffalo City Court’s Revolving Door Slammed Shut
07/29/2013 West Seneca Man Pleads Guilty to Criminal Possession of a Weapon and Assault
07/30/2013 Dyngus Day Drunk Responsible for Highway Mayhem
07/30/2013 Two Gun Possession Incidents Leads to Guilty Plea
07/30/2013 Pack of Predators Pleads Guilty
07/31/2013 Christmas-time Burglar Convicted
08/02/2013 Another Hooligan Seeking to do Life on the Installment Plan Convicted After Trial
08/13/2013 Man Pleads Guilty in Attempted Downtown Shooting
08/15/2013 Home-Invading Rapist Convicted as Charged
08/15/2013 Cyborg Loathing Lecher Returning to Jail
08/19/2013 Knife Wielding Thug Pleads Guilty
08/20/2013 Career Criminal Receives Max for Heinous Home Invasion
08/20/2013 Man Charged with Vehicular Assault After Hitting Motorcycle in Williamsville
08/20/2013 Tax Dodger becomes Jail Dodger
08/21/2013 Woman Pleads Guilty to Supporting Her Drug Habit by Stealing Funds for Our Troops
08/21/2013 Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita, III announced the following Leandra’s Law Case:
08/21/2013 Eight Year Sentence for West Side Burglar
08/23/2013 Innocent Man Exonerated While Guilty Party Convicted
08/28/2013 Lightning Strikes Thrice for Gun-Toting Drug Dealer
09/06/2013 Freedom Fleeting for Fleeing Felon
09/11/2013 Holding Center Deputies Exonerated as Fibbing Felon Brought to Justice
09/19/2013 Thick-Headed Thugs Get Shot and Convicted
09/19/2013 Yet Another Senseless Death Caused By a Drunk Driver
09/19/2013 Pedophile Pleads Guilty
09/20/2013 Shootings Down 38% in City of Buffalo as September Continues to be Painful Month for Armed Thugs
09/26/2013 Mother Bilks Daughter; Phony Landlord Also Convicted as Charged
09/27/2013 Serial Burglars in Buffalo and Amherst Convicted as Charged & Headed to Jail.
10/01/2013 Jury Convicts Man of Robbing a 7-11 Store in University Heights
10/01/2013 Drunk Driver Tries His Hand at Burglary with Same Predictable Result
10/08/2013 Woman Steals over $700,000 from Employer
10/09/2013 Drunk Driver Admits to Killing His Passenger After Crashing His Vehicle on Elm St. On-ramp of Kensington Expressway
10/10/2013 Bookkeeper at Andrews Jewelers Pleads Guilty to Grand Larceny
10/10/2013 Murder, Gun Possession, and Witness Intimidation All Result in Criminal Convictions
10/11/2013 Domestic Violence Offender Convicted as Law Enforcement Community Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month
10/15/2013 Two Men Plead Guilty to Robbery at Boulevard Mall Parking Lot
10/17/2013 Yogi Not the Smartest Bear After All
10/21/2013 Buffalo Man Charged in the Murder of Two Victims on August 9 and 10 of This Year
10/21/2013 Intent on Killing Unarmed Victim, Teenage Thug Thwarted by his Thoughtlessness
10/21/2013 Nine Teenage Hooligans Plead Guilty to Feloniously Assaulting Good Samaritan.
10/23/2013 Two Arraigned in Southtowns Home Burglaries
10/25/2013 Parisi Prosecutes Pistol Packing Punk on Probation
10/30/2013 Another Defendant Found Guilty of Witness Intimidation and Tampering
10/30/2013 Buffalo Man Charged in Rape and Murder of 13 Year-old Girl
11/01/2013 Fillmore Man Arraigned on Weapons Charges
11/01/2013 Buffalo Man To Be Arraigned on Murder Charge
11/04/2013 Woman Charged with Murder in Stabbing Death near Medical Campus
11/12/2013 East Aurora Man Charged in the Hamburg Toys-R-Us Murder
11/12/2013 Grand Jury Indicts Buffalo Man in the Murder of 5 Year-old Eain Brooks
11/12/2013 Three Charged in Robbery at Our Lady of Charity in Buffalo
11/14/2013 West Side Man Charged in Metrorail Station Stabbing
11/15/2013 Buffalo Man Charged in Burglary and Intimidation Case
11/18/2013 Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita, III announced the following Leandra’s Law Case
11/20/2013 DA Sedita Releases Statement Regarding the Indictment of Michael Rodriguez
11/20/2013 Falling Asleep at the Wheel Leads to a One-Year Jail Sentence
11/22/2013 Woman Pleads Guilty to Skimming From Sales
11/22/2013 Ten Years Too Late for Unlicensed Driver
11/26/2013 Professional Thief Steals Again…and Gets Caught Again
11/26/2013 Driving Drunk in Orchard Park Leads to Conviction of Buffalo Man
12/03/2013 Holiday Season Kicks Off With 5 Gun Toting Thugs Being Convicted as Charged.
12/04/2013 Burglar of County Executive’s Home Pleads Guilty
12/04/2013 Two More Illegal Weapons Convictions
12/10/2013 District Attorney Announced Three More Convictions for the Illegal Possession of Handguns.
12/16/2013 Robber admits to holding-up three men in Buffalo
12/17/2013 Jealous ex-boyfriend and his two friends admit to robbing/assaulting victim
12/17/2013 Man Who Stabs Girlfriend Sentenced
12/17/2013 Facebook Friends are Felonious Fiends
12/18/2013 Jury Convicts Three Men of First Degree Robbery
12/18/2013 Lightning Strikes Twice for Gun Toting Thug
12/18/2013 Two Heroin Traffickers Plead Guilty to Felony Drug Charges
12/18/2013 Victim Turns Tables on Villain
12/20/2013 Fake Family Friend Fleeces Elderly Victim
12/20/2013 Man Accused of Pushing Another Man to His Death
12/27/2013 Woman Charged with Conspiracy and Hindering Prosecution
12/27/2013 High Speed Chase Through Buffalo Leads to Multiple Charges
01/02/2014 Hammer-Wielding Defendant Hammered by Judge
01/06/2014 Alleged Robber Chooses Victims Unwisely
01/06/2014 Southtowns Burglar Pleads Guilty to Multiple Residential Burglaries
01/09/2014 No Plea Bargain for Gun-Toting Prior Felon
01/09/2014 No Plea Bargain for Allentown Menace
01/13/2014 No Plea Deal for Gun-Toting Thug
01/15/2014 No Pleas for Criminals with Handguns
01/15/2014 Despite Witness Tampering & Threats to Prosecutors, Two-Time Felon Convicted Again
01/16/2014 Jury Not Duped Despite Prosecution’s Hands Being Tied
01/17/2014 Marijuana Dealer Goes Up In Smoke
01/17/2014 Home Invasion in Aftermath of Wrongful Acquittal
01/21/2014 Flight from Police and Fight with Police Doesn’t Work Out Well for Parolee
01/29/2014 Man Admits Stealing $160,000 in Metal From Employer
02/03/2014 Suspect in Burglary Ring Pleads Guilty in Southtowns Break-ins
02/03/2014 Erie County Prosecutors Honored
02/03/2014 Father and Son Team Plead Guilty to Burglary in East Amherst
02/04/2014 1 1/2 Hour Deliberation Enough to Convict Man of Burglary and Related Charges
02/04/2014 5 More Gun-Toting Thugs Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
02/05/2014 Defendant Pleads Guilty in Home Invasion
02/05/2014 No Plea Bargain for Bank Robber and Prior Felon
02/05/2014 Sexual Predator Finally Gets Smoked
02/05/2014 Drug Treatment Program for Man Convicted of 13 Felonies in the Last 2 Years
02/10/2014 Man Involved in Crash that Killed the West Seneca Democratic Chairman Charged
02/19/2014 No Plea Bargain for Hydrocodone Dealer
02/26/2014 Stabbing Death Leads to Murder Charges
02/28/2014 Fake Leg Turns Out to be Real Gun
02/28/2014 Three Men Plead Guilty to Burglary and Robbery at Our Lady of Charity Parish in Buffalo
02/28/2014 Lackawanna Man Arraigned in Fatal Stabbing of Woman
02/28/2014 Career Criminal Suggests Alternative to Incarceration
03/03/2014 Malevolent Misogynist Merits the Maximum
03/06/2014 Sexual Predator of Children Convicted as Charged
03/07/2014 Misogynist Menace Convicted as Charged
03/11/2014 Benz Buying Burglar Tries to Browbeat Victim
03/14/2014 Home Invader with a Habit Pleads Guilty
03/14/2014 Contents of Mason Jars Get Defendant in Jam
03/14/2014 Child Abuser Awaits Sentence
03/14/2014 Lightning Strikes Twice for Drunk Driver
03/21/2014 Drug Trafficker Tagged by GPS Device Pleads Guilty to Heroin Possession
03/21/2014 Another Killer Brought to Justice
03/24/2014 Conviction in Brutal Child Murder Case Upheld
03/24/2014 Degenerate Defendant Denied
03/25/2014 Buffalo Man Convicted of Assault in August 2013 Shooting
03/26/2014 Defendant Going to the Can for Robbing Dan the Man
03/26/2014 Bat-Wielding Bully Backs Down
03/27/2014 Guilty Plea Entered in Pistol Packing Pinhead’s Preposterous Plot to Pilfer Pizzeria
03/31/2014 Strip Club Patron Wouldn’t Leave Without His Hummer
03/31/2014 Defendant Didn't Get a Break Today
04/04/2014 Relentless Riverside Robber Repents
04/04/2014 New Year's Ride Bumpier Than Expected
04/08/2014 Disturbed Defendant Disarmed
04/11/2014 Our Tax Dollars Hard at Work
04/11/2014 District Attorney's Office Releases Statement Concerning the Death of Richard Metcalf, Jr.
04/14/2014 Randy Rambo’s Rendezvous Ruined
04/15/2014 Local Attorney Disbarred After Pleading to Grand Larceny
04/16/2014 Cheektowaga Councilman Pleads Guilty to Illegally Collecting Unemployment Benefits
04/23/2014 Bad Week for the Bad Guys
04/23/2014 Kiddie Porn Pervert to Face Judge
04/24/2014 Mother’s Day Likely to be Awkward for Depew Family
04/24/2014 Jury Doesn’t Buy Tinkle Defense
04/25/2014 Hit and Run Fraudster Brought to Justice
04/25/2014 Bush Gardens Grifter Could Face an Extended Ride
04/28/2014 Unscrupulous Undertaker Swindles Again
04/28/2014 Defendant’s Delinquent Driving Not to be Deterred
04/30/2014 Break-in by Thug Boyfriend Results in Miscarriage
04/30/2014 Defendant Pitches for Leniency but Strikes Out with Judge
04/30/2014 Cable Guy, City Camera, and Consent to Search Result in Gun Convictions
05/05/2014 Career Criminal Throws in the Towel after Eight Years of Crying Foul
05/06/2014 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Murder Charges
05/07/2014 Three More Hoodlums off the Street and in the Clink
05/09/2014 Buffalo Man Arraigned on Murder Charges
05/09/2014 Bauble Bandit Buckles
05/12/2014 Armed Robbery While Out On the Lam Lands Hooligan Ham in a Jam
05/13/2014 Shifty Slasher Faces Stiff Sentence
05/13/2014 Misogynist Menace Sent Up the River
05/15/2014 Deceitful Daughter Defrauds Declining Father
05/16/2014 Will Convictions 36-38 be Enough to Seal Defendant’s Fate?
05/20/2014 Reeds Robber Remanded
05/28/2014 Three Times a Charm for Burglar Who Gambled He Could Get Away It
05/28/2014 Will Freedom Finally be Deprived after Conviction for Felony Number Five?
06/05/2014 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished and Neither Will Defendant
06/05/2014 Defendant Commits Second Violent Felony While Out on Bail for First Violent Felony
06/05/2014 Fourth Conviction for Belligerent Drunken Driver
06/09/2014 Four More Defendants Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
06/09/2014 Burglar Convicted
06/11/2014 Nurse Living With Violent Parolee Pleads Guilty to Narcotics Felonies in the Midst of Jury Trial
06/17/2014 Road Rage Stabber Convicted
06/18/2014 Three Convictions for Financial Elder Abuse This Week Alone
06/19/2014 Five Killers to Stay in Prison
06/23/2014 “Master Manipulator” to Stay in Prison
06/23/2014 Shooting on C Street Leads to Murder Charges
06/25/2014 Woman Accused of Murdering Her 8 Year-Old Son Charged
06/26/2014 Trusted Bookkeeper Embezzles From Physician
06/26/2014 Man Who Shot at Sheriff's Deputies Charged with Attempted Murder
06/27/2014 St. Patrick’s Day Attack Finally Ends in Conviction
06/30/2014 Defendant Found Guilty of Murder in Drive-By Shooting
06/30/2014 Another Four Defendants Convicted of Illegally Possessing a Firearm
07/02/2014 Pedophile Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
07/11/2014 Brothers Accused of Siphoning Sales Tax From Gasoline Sales
07/17/2014 Driving Drunk in the Morning Leads to Felony DWI Charges
07/18/2014 Son to be Charged with Murder in Death of His Father
07/21/2014 Convenience Store Serial Robber Convicted as Charged
07/21/2014 Arraignment Next Week for Man Accused in Allen Street Shooting
07/22/2014 Buffalo Man Charged With Felony DWI in Incident on Thruway in Cheektowaga
07/22/2014 Serial Burglar Brought to Justice
07/23/2014 East Aurora Man Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Assault
07/24/2014 Molly's Pub Manager Indicted for Attempted Murder
07/25/2014 Parolee Loses His Heroin and His Freedom
07/28/2014 District Attorney Releases Statement Regarding Moreland Commission
07/31/2014 Career Criminal Tries Sabotaging Trial, Still Gets Convicted
07/31/2014 Safe Act and Long Arm of the Law Catch Up with Absconding Mushroom Dealer
08/01/2014 Nearly Three Year Quest for Justice Ends in Conviction
08/11/2014 Two More Gun Toting Thugs Off to Prison
08/14/2014 Buffalo Attorney Admits to Embezzling From Clients
08/19/2014 Cartagena Convicted of Remaining Charges
08/19/2014 Gun Hiding Stoner and Gun Toting Thug Off to Prison
08/19/2014 Former Wrestling Coach Guilty of Raping Two Juveniles
08/19/2014 Relentless Heroin Dealer Convicted as Charged
08/21/2014 Defendants who Kidnapped and Tortured Victim, as they Accused Him of Being an Informant, Convicted as Charged
08/25/2014 New Charges Filed Against Molly's Pub Manager
08/26/2014 Will Conviction 39 Be Enough to Merit Time?
08/27/2014 "Little D" Going to "Big P"
08/27/2014 Man Who Allegedly Shot 4 Teenage Boys Indicted for Murder
09/03/2014 Two-Time Violent Felon Commits Six More Violent Felonies and Tries His Hand at Lawyering
09/04/2014 Pedophile Convicted As Charged
09/08/2014 Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice for Domestic Violence Offender
09/08/2014 Delicatessen Owner Convicted of Fraud
09/09/2014 Former Jail Deputy Convicted for Delivering Weed to the Joint
09/09/2014 Ink Barely Dry on Prior Conviction Before Allegedly Drunk Driver Arrested Again
09/09/2014 83 Year-Old Wife Charged with Killing Husband
09/11/2014 Buffalo Man Charged With Seven Counts of Animal Fighting
09/11/2014 No Plea Bargains for Defendants Who Possess and Sell Illegal Guns
09/11/2014 Health Aide Helps Herself to Victim’s Money
09/12/2014 Three Plead Guilty as Charged in $1.3 Million Trading Card Theft
09/15/2014 Three Times Not a Charm for Driver Three Sheets to the Wind
09/17/2014 East Side Buffalo Man Charged With Murder
09/18/2014 Hamburg School Superintendent Admits to Falsely Reporting an Incident
09/19/2014 Matthew Kuzdzal Convicted of Murder and Sexual Assault of 5 Year-Old Eain Brooks
09/22/2014 Elmwood Village Serial Rapist Convicted as Charged
09/22/2014 Murder Indictment for Buffalo Man
09/23/2014 No Rest in the Fight Against Gun Toting Thugs
09/24/2014 Seven Strikes and You’re Out?
10/02/2014 Jury Finds it Easy to Reject Tale of BZ
10/03/2014 Assiduous Probe Results in First Conviction of its Kind
10/03/2014 Bellicose Boozer Convicted as Charged
10/03/2014 Plastered Parent Convicted Under Leandra’s Law
10/06/2014 More Victims Discovered in Ongoing Investigation of Crooked Jeweler
10/06/2014 Jury Doesn’t Buy Manufactured Defense
10/06/2014 Defendant Rapes His Daughter
10/07/2014 Defendant Entrusted with Serving the Poor Steals from Them
10/07/2014 Degenerate Convicted As Charged
10/08/2014 Witness Intimidation Efforts Fail as Jury Convicts Gunman in Brutal Triple Shooting
10/09/2014 Gunman Admits Shooting at Deputies
10/09/2014 Hit-and-Run Driver Pleads Guilty As Charged
10/10/2014 Three More Gun Toting Thugs Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
10/17/2014 After Hiding and Running, Defendant Learns He Cannot Outrun the Long Arm of the Law
10/20/2014 Rent-A-Center Robber Retired
10/20/2014 Drug Court Used to Court Customers
10/23/2014 Buffalo Police Officer Indicted for Stealing
10/24/2014 Three More Defendants Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law for Illegally Possessing Handguns
10/30/2014 Gun Ransoming Recidivist Convicted as Charged
10/31/2014 Defendant Convicted As Charged of Murder and Arson
10/31/2014 Five Strikes and You’re Out
11/03/2014 Reckless Driver Faces More Jail Time
11/07/2014 Police Successfully Thwart Home Invasion
11/10/2014 Drug Dealer’s Deceit Doesn’t Dupe Jury
11/12/2014 Drunk Driver Pleads Guilty As Charged
11/13/2014 Witness Intimidation Efforts Fail, Thug Convicted as Charged
11/13/2014 Narcotics Wholesaler and Career Criminal Convicted as Charged
11/13/2014 Woman Accused of Stealing over $50,000 from Catholic Church
11/13/2014 Armed Thug Convicted of Maiming Victim and Facing Mandatory Imprisonment Allowed to Remain Free
11/25/2014 Bumpers Busted in Black Rock
11/25/2014 Hit & Run Driver Indicted
12/04/2014 Man Convicted of Robbing Customers at a Buffalo Cricket Wireless Store
12/10/2014 Teenage Thugs who Targeted Canisius College Students Brought to Justice
12/10/2014 Gun Toting Thug Thinks Better of Gunfight with Police
12/11/2014 Lightning may not strike twice, but gun convictions do.
12/11/2014 Drunk Driver Seriously Injures Innocent Motorist
12/11/2014 Vietnamese Immigrant Killed by Drug Addled Driver
12/12/2014 Career Criminal Convicted Despite Witness Tampering
12/15/2014 Shooter Convicted as Charged
12/16/2014 Man Indicted in Town of Cheektowaga Murder
12/16/2014 Faux Lawyer Representing Criminals at Taxpayer Expense Stealing From Taxpayers
12/22/2014 Judge Finds Defendant Not Responsible for Two Murders
12/22/2014 Domestic Violence Homicide Case Prosecuted to Fullest Extent of the Law
12/30/2014 Longtime Prosecutor Retires After Over 25 Years of Service to the Citizens of Erie County
01/07/2015 Three Teens Charged in Rape and Sodomy of Teenage Girl
01/07/2015 Teenage Menace to Society Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
01/12/2015 Drug Purveyor Pleads Guilty After Peddling Plethora of Pharmaceuticals
01/13/2015 Former Erie County Sheriff’s Deputy Sent to Jail
01/14/2015 Florida Man Extradited to Buffalo to Face Murder Charges
01/16/2015 Prosecuting Gun-Toting Thugs Starts the New Year off with a Bang
01/28/2015 "Pikachu's" Attempts to Terrorize and Intimidate Family Backfires
02/10/2015 One Man Crime Wave Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
02/11/2015 Three More Gun-Toting Thugs Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
02/19/2015 Jury Convicts Man Despite Uncooperative Witnesses
02/23/2015 Buffalo Man Charged in Rother Avenue Murder
02/26/2015 Defendant Acquitted of Assault Charges