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6/19/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Fatal Shooting in Allentown
6/19/2018 Felon Pleads Guilty to Weapon Charge After Deputies Find Gun in Toy Car
6/19/2018 Judge Finds Buffalo Man Guilty of Assault
6/20/2018 Buffalo Teen Charged in Goodyear Avenue Homicide
6/21/2018 Two Defendants Sentenced for Violent Home Invasion
6/22/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Starting Fire That Spread to Several East Side Homes
6/22/2018 Former Village of Depew DPW Superintendent Pleads Guilty to Official Misconduct
6/22/2018 Buffalo Man Charged in Wright Avenue Homicide
6/26/2018 Central Park Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Gun Charge
6/26/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Attempted Child Sex Abuse
6/26/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Breaking into a Home with a Machete
6/27/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Causing Hit-and-Run Crash on Kensington Expressway
6/29/2018 Teen Pleads Guilty for Threat Targeting Hutch Tech
6/29/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Raping Two Women
7/2/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Gun Charge
7/4/2018 Truck Driver Sentenced for Fatal Thruway Crash
7/5/2018 Riverside Man Sentenced on Gun Charge
7/5/2018 Father Sentenced for Assaulting Infant Son
7/9/2018 Classic Fence & Lumber Owner Admits to Scamming Dozens of Customers
7/10/2018 Taxi Driver Convicted of Second Sex Crime
7/10/2018 Heroin Dealer Sentenced on Felony Drug Charges
7/11/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty Charge
7/11/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Rape
7/12/2018 Convenience Store Robbers to Serve Times in Prison
7/12/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced on Narcotics and Weapons Charges
7/12/2018 Buffalo Man Charged for Violent Rape in the Emerson Neighborhood
7/12/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Sex Abuse
7/16/2018 Buffalo Man Charged for Fatal Shooting on I-190
7/16/2018 Buffalo Man Indicted in Grimes Street Homicide
7/16/2018 Buffalo Teen Indicted in Goodyear Avenue Homicide
7/17/2018 Getaway Driver in Anchor Bar Shooting Sentenced
7/17/2018 Second Person Charged in Death of Buffalo Man
7/18/2018 Buffalo Man Charged in Death of Girlfriend's Toddler
7/19/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Zoe Restaurant Shooting and Other Crimes
7/19/2018 Three Plead Guilty Post Office Mail Theft Scheme
7/20/2018 Mother Charged in Beating Death of Toddler
7/20/2018 Buffalo Man Indicted for Fatal Shooting on I-190
7/20/2018 Judge Finds Buffalo Man Guilty in Several Crimes
7/23/2018 Two Charged in Shooting Outside Bar on Broadway
7/24/2018 Driver Indicted for High-Speed Crash That Killed Passenger
7/24/2018 Jury Finds Buffalo Man Guilty on Weapon Charge
7/25/2018 Buffalo Man Indicted in Wright Avenue Homicide
7/26/2018 Resident Charged with Attempted Murder for Shooting Inside Assisted Living Facility
7/26/2018 Buffalo Man Indicted for the Murder of His Aunt
7/27/2018 State Contractor, Office Manager and Sub-Contractor Charged with Submitting False Documents Related to the Use of Minority-Owned Business in State Project
7/27/2018 Buffalo Woman Sentenced for Death of Ex-Husband
7/27/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Starting Fire that Damaged Two Homes
7/31/2018 Central Park Gang Member Sentenced on Gun Charge
7/31/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Fatal Shooting on Allen Street
8/1/2018 Former Medical Facility Office Manager Sentenced for Stealing from Employer
8/3/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Attempted Sexual Abuse of an Underage Girl
8/6/2018 North Tonawanda Man Charged in Hit-and-Run that Injured Man in Motorized Wheelchair
8/6/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Hit-and-Run Crash on Kensington Expressway
8/6/2018 Prior Felon Admits to Possessing More than 100 Bags of Fentanyl With Intent to Sell
8/6/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Raping Woman Inside Her Apartment
8/7/2018 Buffalo Man Indicted on Murder and Weapon Charges for 2017 Homicide
8/9/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Attacking Girlfriend's Landlord
8/9/2018 Former Erie County Sheriff's Deputy Pleads Guilty to Domestic Assault
8/14/2018 Mother of Toddler Killed by Babysitter Pleads Guilty to Child Endangerment
8/14/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for 2016 Homicide in Cheektowaga
8/14/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Attempting to Sexually Abuse Two Child Victims
8/15/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Possessing Heroin with Intent to Sell
8/15/2018 Career Conman Indicted on Billing Fraud Charges