Training/Special Projects Bureau

The Chief of the Training/Special Projects Bureau oversees legal training for the District Attorney’s Office from the newest member of the Office to its most experienced prosecutor. An Assistant District Attorney’s training begins before their first day in the office and continues throughout their career. Newly hired assistants are first assigned a mentor from within the office to support them throughout their career.

The Chief of the Training/Special Projects Bureau also ensures that each felony trial assistant sit as a second chair to an experienced prosecutor on various trials and that each new felony trial assistant obtain a second chair for their own trials. The goal of this training program is to ensure that each assistant district attorney obtains an adequate competency level of criminal law and procedure so that the public’s interests are best met. 

The Training/Special Projects Bureau also handles felony prosecutions, co-chairing cases with less experienced Assistant District Attorneys in the misdemeanor bureaus so that those newer attorneys can gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience. The bureau is also often called upon to prosecute serious cases that are of interest to the District Attorney.   

As Chief of the Training/Special Projects Bureau, Chief Mara L. McCabe also serves on the Office’s Continuing Legal Education Board, which provides in-house legal training for the entire office

Outside of the office, this Bureau also coordinates legal training with the local police departments as well as the police academy.