Winter is coming...Know Your Emergency Detour Routes

Modified: November 21, 2016 12:20pm

Throughout Erie County you may have seen the Emergency Detour Signs (labeled C-F).  The NYS Thruway Authority in collaboration with state and local parnters developed contingency plans and detour routes for the entire Thruway system that can be used during extreme weather events and/or other incidents.

These detour routes take into account the effect of the detoured traffic on state and local roadways.  This may require the actual detour to begin far ahead of the impacted section of roadway, so truck traffic can either safely continue travel or find a safe place to wait out the weather.  

Below are the Detour Routes you will see in the Buffalo Region:

Detour Route "C" - Interchange 57 - PA Exit 45 Westbound

Detour Route "D" - PA Exit 45 - Interchange 57 Eastbound

Detour Route "E" - Interchange 45-51 Westbound

Detour Route "F" - Interchange 51-45 Eastbound

To see where the detour routes will take you click on the hyperlinks above.

To see additional detours in other regions go to