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Legislator Dixon asks Senator Schumer to identify resources for erosion along Old Lake Shore Road


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Erie County Legislator Lynne Dixon has requested aid from the federal government to address the rapidly eroding shoreline along Old Lake Shore Road from Hamburg into Evans. In a letter to United States Senator Charles Schumer, Legislator Dixon discusses her concerns about the cliff along Old Lake Shore Road between Route 5 and the Town of Evans, stating that county efforts to slow the erosion aren’t enough and the federal government needs to step in.


“Senator Schumer visited Hamburg earlier this summer where he discussed a plan to protect Route 5 near Big Tree Road from flooding. While this is an important project for businesses, homeowners and motorists, I urge the Senator to expand the scope of his investment and look into the issue we are facing on Old Lake Shore Road. I have visited the eroding section of Old Lake Shore Road on numerous occasions, and you can literally see where the old guardrail now lays, hanging over the cliff because so much of the land has already fallen off. The erosion isn’t stopping and we have a roadway and houses in jeopardy. I strongly urge Senator Schumer and his colleagues to widen the scope of the project and assist Erie County in preventing further erosion in this section. The cliff is eroding at an alarming rate and we need assistance,” said Legislator Dixon.  


In early July 2017, Senator Schumer held a press conference along Route 5 near Big Tree Road to discuss the flooding that occurs and the 100-year-old barrier that is failing in some sections. Senator Schumer stated that, “the Army Corps already has the money for the project and it's just a matter of making Route 5 a priority.”


“I am pleased that the Senator has identified the need to improve the seawall along Route 5, and now that he knows the dangers of this area, I hope he will take action to help repair Old Lake Shore Road. We can’t just replace the wall and do nothing along Old Lake Shore Road. In fact, studies have shown that if only one small section is repaired, it can worsen other sections further down the lake. I welcome Senator Schumer to tour the site with myself, DPW and residents to see for himself why we need assistance as soon as possible,” concluded Legislator Dixon.


To view a copy of the letter, please CLICK HERE.  For additional information, please contact Legislator Dixon at 858-8671 or email lynne.dixon@erie.gov.