Statement from Legislator Lynne Dixon on ‘Greenlight’ legislation passing NYS Senate

Modified: June 18, 2019 7:39am

Monday, June 17, 2019

“I’m disappointed this irresponsible legislation passed the Senate despite the many legitimate concerns raised by county clerks, law enforcement, and other leaders across New York State. I thank those who have made a bi-partisan effort to speak out against the bill, including the Democrats and Republicans in our local delegation. There are policies and procedures in place to obtain citizenship for a reason, and this bill drastically diminishes that process. Simply put, it shouldn’t be easier for someone in this country illegally to get a driver’s license than an Erie County resident, but that is exactly what this bill does. This legislation will have consequences for Erie County and this is just another instance of this Governor’s downstate agenda being pushed on Erie County residents. I wish we had heard more from Executive Poloncarz on this issue, who never made his position known to residents over the many weeks this legislation was moving through the chambers in Albany. He had a chance to stand up for Erie County residents, and he chose to sidestep that responsibility.”


Legislator Dixon


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