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"It's not the age of the driver that's of concern -
it's how that driver functions on the road."

The Help Network:

  • supplies information about available services to assist caregivers, such as driver evaluation programs
  • addresses challenging family situations involving at-risk older drivers
  • works to identify and remove barriers to accessing services
  • advocates for public policy changes

Older Driver Concerns

When to Put the Brakes on Driving: Autonomy vs Safety

A driver’s license is often considered a symbol of independence for both new and older drivers alike. One’s ability to go shopping, attend social functions, participate at places of worship, and engage in other activities associated with daily living without relying on anyone else provides a person with the freedom and independence that driving affords them. For this and other reasons, such as the limitations of public transportation, the decision to give up one’s car keys can be a highly charged and emotional topic in our automobile-dependent society.

Mission of Help Network

Assist families, caregivers,
and other community members
to successfully identify
and address situations
related to an at-risk older driver.

A Guide is Available

"When You are Concerned"

Published by the New York State Office for the Aging, this booklet is based on successful actions of people who have assisted an at-risk older driver to drive safely or to retire from driving. It's full of realistic "how-to" advice and different approaches to some of the challenges faced by families and caregivers in what to do about unsafe driving.  FREE copies are available, or information may be downloaded.  Call Erie County Senior Services at (716) 858-8526, or the New York State Office for the Aging at 1-800-342-9871.

Help Network Members

The Help Network is composed of member agencies throughout the community seeking to assist the safe driving of people of all ages.  They come from backgrounds in education, safety, law, enforcement, intervention, and services to help you find the best comprehensive solutions to your individual situation.

Click here for a list for current participating member agencies, or call 858-8526 for assistance.