Statler Center Business Fundamentals Course

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Business Fundamentals Course


Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm



The National Statler Center is an institution that provides vocational training programs for the blind, visually impaired, physically disabled, economically disadvantaged and unemployed adult population. The Business Fundamentals training module focuses on skills that are necessary to be hired in today’s employment environment. The program will establish the skills needed to pursue additional Statler Center courses, or can be used as a single course to sharpen computer, AT, self-advocacy and other “soft skills”. In some cases, students who may want a “pre-college” experience can benefit by using this course to determine readiness and independence.


The goals of the Business Fundamentals curriculum:

  • To create computer literate  employees able to use the latest in adaptive technology where needed

  • To develop graduates who can communicate clearly and effectively

  • To be confident in business math skills and transactional functions

  • To be skilled in networking and job seeking

  • To be advocates for their needs in the work place

  • To be confident in interviewing and presentation skills


The National Statler Center draws from a national base of blind, visually impaired and physically disabled adults who seek our specialized training to enter or re-enter the workforce. By working with clients and counselors, we seek to realize the vocational goal of each student and achieve that goal with our follow through placement assistance. The Statler Center’s job developers get to know each student starting at the moment of acceptance into our program. Our goal is to train people to be capable, motivated, and highly desired job candidates.

Statler is licensed by the New York State Department of Education as a private business proprietary school.


The Statler Center features:


  • A comprehensive curriculum specially adapted for persons with disabilities in an integrated setting.

  • Qualified, professional instructors trained in working with the visually impaired, physically disabled and those returning to the workforce or seeking first time employment.

  • Individually-assigned computers loaded with industry-specific software and accommodations as needed

  • A modern, well-equipped facility

  • Job Developers and Job Placement Specialists to find opportunities prepare graduates for interviews and secure employment. We have an 82% placement rate for our graduates.



    Business Fundamentals Curriculum

    Communications: oral and written - communication theory in workplace settings; delivering scripted speech, grammar essentials, reader-centered writing, stages of the writing process, common mistakes of writing, formats of business documents ,employment documents and interviewing skills. This includes an analysis of a recorded mock interview with guest interviewers and instructor.

    Computers and TechnologyComputer basics; working with applications and websites, task bars, MS Windows, opening/saving documents, files and folders, shortcuts, settings, storage media, Outlook (basics, e-mails, calendars, contacts). Word (basics, documents, tables, templates). Excel (basics, editing and formatting, data, and formulas). Current technology uses and applications that will benefit users in both daily life and professional or academic life.

    Expert Presenters: Incoming lecturers explain their corporate mission statements, procedures, and employer expectations. From front-line employees and managers to Human Resources Directors, company representatives meet and greet the students with high-level instruction.

    Business Math: Whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, interest, discounts, credit information, markups, payroll, taxes and  banking ( checks, drafts, endorsements, deposits, reconciliations, credit cards).

    Networking: Both online and face to face networking classes are taught including formulation of goals, networking etiquette, networking opportunities and on-line network profiles and organization are covered.

    Conflict Management: Skills specific to being a team member, effectively communicating needs and resolving professional issues before they become problematic are taught.

    Customer Service: Fundamentals of courteous customer relations and etiquette in business settings for the workplace and applicable to many communication scenarios.


For more information, please contact:


Elizabeth Schmidt  Coordinator of Admissions



Spring 2017 On-site:

Business Fundamentals:                               May 2-June 8    


Fall 2017 On-site:

Business Fundamentals:                                               September 6-October 12



 Business Fundamentals:                                               April 24 – June 22

Business Fundamentals Capstone:           June 29 – July 7

*Fall 2017 Distance Learning:

Business Fundamentals:                             August 23-October 23

Business Fundamentals Capstone:           October 27-November 2


The National Statler Center is an institution that provides vocational training programs for the blind, visually impaired, physically disabled, economically disadvantaged and unemployed adult population.