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Modified: May 11, 2017 10:46am

The new Statler Center class began on May 2nd, and its 16 student roster makes it one of the program's biggest classes yet! This uptick in admissions is largely due to the Statler Center's securing of a grant from the New York State Regional Economic Development Council, which provides scholarships to eligible students from Western NY.  

This spring has been a busy one for Statler Admissions! We are welcoming our first ever distance learning class which started at the end of April and includes students from New York and Alabama. Our large on-site Spring class includes students from New York as well as California, Texas and New Hampshire. 

In the past month, Admissions has presented to the Educational Opportunity Center, Buffalo Employment and  Training Center, Transitional Services of WNY, Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education, and Frontier High School Career Day. We were joined by a senior class of students from the NYS School for the Blind in Batavia who came to tour the Statler and Olmsted Centers and discuss what their next steps may be. Looking forward to May, we will be presenting to the Erie 1 BOCES SEAC meeting of special education chairs, attending the ACCES-VR Vendor Fair and presenting to the Orleans/Niagara BOCES districts.

As a reminder, the next full sessions will be our fall sessions, which begin on August 23 (for distance learners) and September 6 (for on-site learners).
For information regarding these opportunities and our classes, please contact Elizabeth Schmidt, Coordinator of Admissions, 716-888-4638 or

Grant News
The Statler Center was recently awarded two grants from generous foundations:

Thank you to the MAXIMUS Foundation for generously providing the Statler Center with a $3,300 grant to purchase new audio/visual equipment for the classroom. 



The Olmsted Center for Sight recently secured a $60,000 grant from the M&T Charitable Foundation to purchase new computers and hardware for the entire agency! This generous multi-year grant will improve the technical capacity and operating efficiency of the organization’s many programs and services; particularly the Statler Center.


The Statler Center relies on the generous support of foundations such as MAXIMUS and the M&T Charitable Foundation to help our students achieve career success. We are extremely grateful!


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Job Readiness Tip


The weather is NOT an excuse to throw professionalism out the window. Always avoid tank tops, shorts and flip flops when heading to work or a job interview.


What We Read This Month


What It’s Like to Be a Vision-Impaired Triathlete

Blind and Visually Impaired Runners Take On the Boston Marathon


Buffalo's Canalside is currently hiring several summer positions, click here to read about what's available and to fill out an application

The Olmsted Center for Sight provides website compliance/accessibility services

All testing is performed by individuals that are blind or visually impaired, in which testers provide detailed feedback on one or more website transactions on your site, explore your website and interact with any website functionality, and more. If interested, click here to get a quote.




The Olmsted Center for Sight (OCS) is HIRING!

OCS currently has both full-time and half-time positions available. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. For a full listing of job opportunities at OCS, click here.

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