Statler Center - Hospitality and Telecommunications Courses Available in the Fall of 2017

Modified: June 16, 2017 8:43am

Our on-site spring class has completed the Business Fundamentals course and has now entered into their second course; either Hospitality or Telecommunications. These last weeks of instruction will fly by, with experiential learning and graduation on July 7! Our distance-learning class is also hard at work, and we look forward to meeting them for their on-site portion at the end of the month in Buffalo!
The next session dates are:

Fall 2017 On-site

Business Fundamentals:                      September 6-October 12
                                       Hospitality:                                            October 13-November 9  

         Telecommunications:                            October 13-November 9


Fall 2017 Distance Learning
Business Fundamentals:                      August 23-October 23
Business Fundamentals Capstone*:    October 27-November 2 
Hospitality Experiential*:                       November 3- November 17
Hospitality:                                            November 20-December 8
Telecommunications Experiential*:       November 3- November 17
Telecommunications:                            November 20-November 29

Please contact Elizabeth Schmidt ,Statler Admissions Coordinator
716-888-4638 or
Or, an online application or inquiry may be made at
**Statler will still have some scholarship opportunities for eligible applicants who meet the NYS Department of Labor dislocated worker and special population status. Please contact Statler Admissions with any questions.

Statler Center Fall Class Schedule