Statler Center Hospitality Course

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Hospitality Course


Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM



The vast hospitality service industry hinges on people. Great employees make the industry thrive, by being friendly, responsive, and dependable.


The National Statler Center is the trendsetter in hospitality employment training.  The first program of its kind the Statler Center provides the blind, visually impaired, physically disabled, economically disadvantaged and unemployed adult population with the right tools for successful careers in this industry.  Graduates of our program are job-ready and equipped with a thorough knowledge of the broad hospitality industry’s standards and skill sets to succeed.


The hospitality industry is one of America’s largest employers. In the broadest sense, hospitality refers to the kind of direct, face-to-face customer service applicable to many different venues- office, hotel, hospital, restaurant, museum or retail. Job ready employees are needed at all levels of entry.


Students of the Statler Center receive specialized instruction in clerical procedures, reservation services, marketing, banquet, audit, customer service, conflict management, property management, switchboard etc.  Students also receive front-line experience in multiple venues chosen specifically for student interest via our experiential learning offerings.


Hospitality Course Topics Include:


Industry Standards: Using the traditional hotel model, instruction will demonstrate how each role contributes to over-all success of a venue and how these roles and skills are transferrable into many areas of the hospitality industry. Included is instruction on a “PMS” (property management system) database used by hotels to track all elements of their operation.

Industry Expert Presenters: Guest lecturers explain their mission statements, procedures and employee expectations. Lecturers from several of Western New York’s leading hospitality businesses will meet with the students and present high-level instruction.

Job Readiness: Students have strong networking opportunities with the visiting lecturers, some of whom represent national companies. We also provide external visits to on-site venues to explore industry best-practices, varying models within the industry and location specific operations.


Customer service: Instructors provide thestandards of customer service training from first impressions to return business capture, conflict management and customer resolution and satisfaction. Training includes those “soft skills” that make or break a first impression.


Experiential Learning: To conclude the program, students will spend five days in a work experience to give them relevant, practical insight in the field and knowledge to further develop their job search parameters.



The Statler Center features:


  • A comprehensive curriculum specially adapted for persons with disabilities

  • Qualified, professional instructors trained in working with the  visually impaired and physically disabled

  • Individually-assigned computers loaded with industry-specific software and accommodations as needed

  • A modern, well-equipped facility

  • Job Developers and Job Placement Specialists to find opportunities prepare graduates for interviews and secure employment. We have an 82% placement rate for our graduates.


    Statler is licensed by the New York State Department of Education as a private business proprietary school.

  For more information about this training program, please contact:



Elizabeth Schmidt Coordinator of Admissions (716) 888-4638

Class Calendar Dates



Spring 2017 On-site:


Hospitality:                                                         June 9-July 7

Fall 2017 On-site:

Hospitality:                                                         October 13-November 9


Distance Learning (anticipated release dates pending approval)* :


*Spring 2017 Distance Learning:

Hospitality Experiential:                                                July 10 – July 21

Hospitality:                                                         July 24 – August 9 

*Fall 2017 Distance Learning:

Hospitality Experiential:                              November 3- November 17

Hospitality:                                                    November 20-December 8 

All dates are subject to change if necessary**

The Statler Center provides the blind, visually impaired, physically disabled, economically disadvantaged and unemployed adult population with the right tools for successful careers in this industry.