Chief Fiscal Officer - Social Services

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Notice of Vacancy
Social Services
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December 7, 2017 - December 17, 2017


The Erie County Division of Budget and Management and the Erie County Department of Social Services are soliciting applicants for the position of SENIOR EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT-COUNTY EXECUTIVE. The position serves as the CHIEF FISCAL OFFICER for the County’s Department of Social Services (“DSS”), a department that oversees $610 million in direct spending and $3 billion in indirect spending. The position also serves as budget analyst for the Division of Budget and Management overseeing DSS finances.

The incumbent will report to the County’s Director of Budget and Management and to the Commissioner of Social Services. The incumbent will supervise the DSS fiscal staff. The incumbent will supervise approximately 85 subordinate accounting and financial staff including accountants and clerical staff.

This is an exempt managerial confidential position which is not in the classified civil service. The position is Job Group 18, Step 0, with a starting salary of $83,462 annually.

Please find attached the informal position description and requirements for the position. A master’s degree in accounting, public administration, business administration or a related field is desired and a background in accounting, budgeting or finance, including supervisory management responsibilities is required. An understanding of social and human service programming is highly desirable. Experience with the SAP enterprise resource management system is a plus.

Interested applicants should complete the Erie County Application for Examination or Employment at and send that signed application along with a letter of interest and their resume to: Mr. Al Dirschberger, PhD, Erie County Commissioner of Social Services, 95 Franklin Street, 8th Floor, Buffalo, New York 14202.

The deadline for replying to this announcement via submission of a cover letter, resume and an Erie County application for employment is December 17, 2017. For all questions concerning this position, please contact Commissioner Dirschberger at (716) 858-7511 or via electronic mail at

The County of Erie is an equal employment opportunity employer.


Senior Executive Assistant—CE

Erie County Division of Budget and Management/Department of Social Services

Please note: these are informal qualifications for the position. This is an exempt, managerial confidential position whose formal civil service title is Senior Executive Assistant-County Executive. The incumbent will serve as chief fiscal officer of the Department of Social Services.


The work involves managing and directing the financial and fiscal affairs of the Department of Social Services. Under the general direction of the Commissioner of Social Services and the County Director of Budget and Management, the incumbent is responsible for accounting, financial reporting, and budget forecasting, related to the fiscal operations of the Department of Social Services. The incumbent serves as the Department of Social Services’ Chief Fiscal Officer. The work includes developing sound financial management policies and procedures to aid in the development of comprehensive financial record keeping, cost control programs and organizational budgeting. Supervision is exercised over subordinate employees.


Directs the planning, organization and implementation of the financial affairs of a large complex social services agency including budget forecasting, management and analyses of financial reports and indicators;

Provides direct supervision to the Department of Social Services Fiscal Office and its staff to ensure that accounting prescription and procedures are in compliance with the Uniform System of Accounts for Counties, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Governmental Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting and State and Federal reporting requirements;

Develops accounting policies and procedures regulating accounting practices throughout the Department of Social Services;

Consults with the Budget Director, Comptroller, department heads, and Legislature regarding accounting policy and fiscal issues and makes presentations as required to these entities;

Formulates the annual departmental operating budget and ensures ongoing monitoring, analyzes financial information concerning personnel, contracts, capital projects, supplies and equipment, professional services and other expenses;

Determines budgetary requirements by function and activity and prepares monthly budget monitoring reports;

Monitors organizational spending to ensure it remains within budget;

Assists in the development of long range financial plans;

Prepares and effects timely filing of Federal, State, third party, and other financial reports, as required;

Provides liaison with external entities and department heads pertaining to department funding;

Attends required meetings and participates on committees as required/requested;

Participates in professional activities and maintains professional affiliations to keep abreast of current trends, changes and legislation in the field;

Provides the Commissioner and Budget Director with financial information and advises on all affairs involving the Department of Social Services.


Thorough knowledge of the practice of fiscal administration and management professional content, standards and guidelines governing Federal, State and local budgeting and accounting; Comprehensive knowledge of theory and practices of governmental accounting; thorough knowledge of modern methods of maintaining financial accounts and records; ability to examine account-keeping procedures; ability to perform complex analyses of accounting records and procedures and to prepare detailed reports; good knowledge of governmental accounts and accounting procedures; ability to design new accounting records; ability to design new accounting procedures; considerable administrative ability; ability to provide sound fiscal supervision to a large, diversified staff and to work effectively with program managers; ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; ability to deal effectively with supervisory staff; and to demonstrate sound professional judgment, initiative, industry and dependability.


Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered four year college or university with a Bachelor's degree in accounting, fiscal, business administration or related field and six years of experience in the field of accounting, budgeting, and/or finance, at least four years of which is in a responsible supervisory and/or administrative position.

NOTE: Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Master’s degree in accounting, finance or business administration or related field may be substituted for one (1) year of the required experience above.

Candidates with prior or current public sector budgeting/accounting or fiscal experience and knowledge of the SAP enterprise resource planning system are highly preferred.

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