Agricultural District Update

2015 Open Enrollment Period

Agricultural district open enrollment period is now closed.

Public Hearing:

A public hearing will be scheduled at a later date to provide the general public the opportunity to comment on requests.

Reference documents:

Public Hearing Notice - November 5, 2014
Public Notice of Open Enrollment Period and 8-Year Reviews of Districts 16 & 17
Map of Lancaster-Alden Agricultural District No. 16
Map of Amherst Agricultural District No. 17
Map of All Erie County Agricultural Districts

To check if your parcel is already in an agricultural district, you may search the Erie County Online Mapping System.

Recently Completed Reviews

In February 2014, Erie County completed the eight-year review of Marilla Agricultural District No. 5. No modifications were proposed and the Erie County Legislature recommended the continuation of the District. This information was transmitted to the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets and was certified on April 9, 2014. The next review of Ag District 5 will be done on or before December 4, 2021.


In February 2014, Erie County received a notification from the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets regarding the eight-year review of Sardinia Agricultural District No. 6. According to the Erie County Agricultural District consolidation schedule, Agricultural District 6 is scheduled for consolidation with Holland Agricultural District No. 11 and Concord Agricultural District No. 15. As such, Erie County has requested an extension of District 6 in order to align its review with the review period of Districts 11 and 15. The review and consolidation of these districts is scheduled to take place between October 2016 and August 2017.


For more information on agricultural programs, contact the Erie County Department of Environment & Planning at (716) 858-8390 or