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The Department of Environment and Planning's Division of Planning provides financial assistance and strategic focus and direction to Erie County’s cultural sector to promote the economic and cultural benefits of the County’s tourism, arts, culture, and heritage industry. 

Learn about how planners use arts and culture strategies to achieve economic, social, environmental and community goals.

Program and Service Objectives

  • Gather, analyze and assess information on cultural organizations funded by the County.
  • Process all cultural funding contracts and invoices in a timely and accurate manner. 
  • Coordinate with tourism, arts, culture and heritage promotion agencies and organizations to market and enhance cultural tourism in Erie County.
  • Assist cultural organizations to leverage financial support, gain new audiences, increase management capacity, identify strengths and challenges, inform decision-making and realize their mission.


Cultural Funding

The County's Arts & Cultural Advisory Board accepts applications in early summer. Please check back in spring for exact dates. 

If you would like to be contacted by email when the new application is available, please email with your name, organization, and position.

    • Latest News

      • 2.9.2017 - Erie County Arts & Cultural Funding Contracts have been sent to the organizations that applied in 2016.
        • All organizations allocated additional funding by the Erie County Legislature for 2017 will receive an application for the funds. Such applications will be processed as they are received by the Department of Environment and Planning. If complete, a contract for the funds will be mailed. If they are incomplete, the organization will be contacted for additional information. Please contact Mariely Ortiz at 716-858-1916 or at with any questions.
      • The Erie County Adopted 2017 Budget is now available online: 
      • Funding awards will be made public whenever the Proposed 2017 Budget is released, and will not be final until the Erie County Legislature approves the 2017 Budget

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