Erie County Green Team and Climate Action & Sustainability Plan

Erie County has established a Green Team to pursue sustainability initiatives in its internal operations. As called for in “Initiatives for a Smart Economy”, the Green Team is focusing on energy reduction and resource conservation projects that will decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, prevent pollution, reduce waste, and save money throughout the County’s daily operations.

As a first step, Erie County is completing a GHG inventory and analyzing GHG emission sources and levels. Based on this work, Erie County will set GHG reduction targets and develop a Climate Action & Sustainability Plan (CASP) to incorporate GHG emission reduction into the daily culture of County operations.

During the first year of this project, extensive employee and public outreach has been performed to gather suggestions and ideas for the CASP.  Employee input has been sought through quarterly meetings and an internal website. The public has been able to give suggestions through community events at the Walden Galleria Mall, Erie County Fair, Elmwood Arts Festival and more. Presentations of the completed draft CASP will be given to employees and the public for their review.


If you were not able to submit your suggestions for the CASP at one of the events above and/or you want to be added to our email list, please send requests to


Timeline of the development of Erie County‘s Climate Action & Sustainability Plan for Internal Operations: 

  • 1/2017 - Phase II - CASP Development – Anticipated End Date:  6/2018

Phase II of the project will focus on chapter development of the CASP. Members of the Green Team will form subcommittees specific to each chapter and meet bi-monthly for three to four months per chapter to develop full sector action plans. The full Green Team will review chapters quarterly. A full draft of the CASP is anticipated to be complete in spring 2018.

  • 11/2015 - Phase I - Green Team Meetings, Employee Meetings and Public Outreach - End Date: 12/2016

Phase I of the development of the CASP consisted of monthly meetings of the Green Team to brainstorm ideas and implement projects as the opportunities arose. Public outreach and employee meetings were held throughout Phase I for additional input into the plan.

Projects Initiated:

    • Energy savings projects have been implemented 
    • Paper reduction contest organized to minimize paper waste 
    • Recycling programs were expanded throughout County buildings 
  • 11/2015 - Green Team Formation

A Green Team was formed to encourage conservation within county buildings, identify waste, and set targets and objectives for greenhouse gas reduction. The Green Team also provides input and guidance to develop the CASP.

  • 8/2015 - Project Start

The Erie County Climate Action and Sustainability Plan received funding from a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Cleaner Greener Communities grant

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