RFP #1717 VF - Erie County Community Development Program - Income Survey

Modified: July 14, 2017 9:43am

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The Erie County Department of Environment and Planning is accepting proposals from qualified consulting firms for completing income surveys to determine the low-and low/moderate-income status for various community development block grant service areas.  Surveys can be completed by contacting residents of the grant area by telephone, mail or door-to-door.  The Department will define survey areas and a request will be made to the consulting firm.  The survey areas are limited to the Erie County Community Development Block Grant Consortium.  The contract for this service will be for three years.

The RFP #1717 VF can be found HERE and a complete package can be obtained by ontacting Paul D’Orlando at (716) 858-2194.

All correspondence, communications and/or contact with the County in regards to any aspect of this proposal shall be with Paul D’Orlando.

Final sealed proposals are due to Paul D’Orlando, Principal Contract Monitor, Erie County Department of Environment and Planning at 95 Franklin St, Room 1014, Buffalo, NY 14202 by 4:00 pm (EST) on August 11, 2017.