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Mark C. Poloncarz is Erie County's eighth County Executive.
Since taking office as Erie County Executive in January 2012, Mark has worked to change the culture of Erie County government and return it to its core mission: provide the programs and services that residents and taxpayers demand as effectively and efficiently as possible.  And as such, he made it a priority to restore funding for what he calls the “People’s Mandates,” which include the rodent control programparks improvementsroad and bridge construction, libraries, summer youth programming and a renewed commitment to arts and cultural organizations.  These programs were restored by Mark in a fiscally responsible manner without raising taxes. In 2014, as a result of Mark’s prudent budgeting and strong fiscal discipline, Fitch Ratings raised Erie County’s credit rating outlook from “stable” to “positive” and Standard & Poor’s upgraded the county’s credit rating three steps to “AA-.”

2014 has been a significant year of accomplishments for Mark, including working with the Legislature to pass a balanced budget with a small tax cut, opening the Erie County Health Mall, signing an executive order requiring that all contractors with Erie County comply with equal pay laws for women, restructuring the Department of Social Services while hiring more CPS caseworkers, and managing the emergency response to four major weather-related events:  two blizzards, flooding in West Seneca and Winter Storm Knife.

Mark believes the key to his administration’s success is to create strong partnerships with other levels of government, the private and non-profit sectors, educational institutions and community groups.  In his first year in office, Mark spearheaded the creation of one of New York State’s first Land Banks and the establishment of the Erie County Medicaid Anti-Fraud Unit, as well as leading the Erie County team in successfully negotiating a new 10-year lease with the Buffalo Bills. In his first term, Mark has also settled all contracts with collective bargaining units representing Erie County employees that were expired when he took office.

In 2013, Mark announced his “Initiatives for a Smart Economy,” which represents his administration’s commitment to a comprehensive, innovative approach to economic development and provides the “missing link,” tying a host of diverse initiatives into one regional development effort.  Specifically, this plan includes a total of 64 initiatives across a dozen areas, representing the economic gears that, working together, will help drive our economic future.  More than half of these Initiatives are already underway and showing results around Erie County.

Before being elected as County Executive, Mark served as Erie County Comptroller for six years. During that time he worked to root out waste, fraud and abuse of the taxpayers’ dollars while creating a more efficient Comptroller’s Office and restoring fiscal stability to Erie County’s government.

As the taxpayer’s watchdog, Mark strengthened the office’s Audit Division and shaped it into an Inspector General-style organization that stopped and prevented waste, fraud and abuse of county tax dollars. As the County’s chief auditor, Mark conducted more than 50 major audits and reviews of Erie County’s departments, which identified more than $30 million in cost savings. For these efforts, Mark’s Audit Division was awarded a prestigious Knighton Award in 2007 by the Association of Local Government Auditors—the first ever received by any municipal government auditor in New York State.

Before running for public office, Mark practiced corporate and finance law in Buffalo with the firms of Watson Bennett LLP and Kavinoky Cook LLP. His legal practice included representing individuals, businesses - large and small - and local governmental authorities during complex public and private mixed finance transactions.

Mark grew up with his parents and two brothers in the blue-collar steel town of Lackawanna. His parents, Charles, a retired steelworker from Bethlehem Steel Corp., and Janice, a nurse from Mercy Hospital, taught him the value of hard work, being frugal and community from a young age.  Mark is a graduate of Lackawanna Senior High School, the State University of New York at Buffalo and the University of Toledo’s College of Law.

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