TRAINING SCHEDULE: 8 New Courses Added


  • 1W16001 Basic Structural Collapse Ops at Orchard Park
  • 1X16001 Basic Trench Collapse Concepts at Orchard Park
  • 2H16001 Recognizing Clandestine Drug Lag Operations at TOC
  • 6H16006 Firefighter Survival at Town Line
  • 9J16002 Principles of Instruction at Holland
  • 3316001 HazMat Incident Command at Seneca Hose
  • 80H16001 Chemical Suicide Awareness at TOC
  • 8816003 FAST at Evans Center

The training schedule has been updated at to reflect the status of each currently scheduled training course. More courses will be scheduled soon.

You must check the web site for the appropriate course roster to determine if you are registered for the class you applied for. We do not send out individual course registration confirmations. Rosters will be posted in the order of the class start date.


  • Applications are being accepted now. Please download the new version of the Standard Training Course Application from Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at:
  • Please read all of the notes below, download the appropriate documents and share them with your recruits and firefighters. Start submitting standard training course applications and NYS OFPC training authorization forms immediately.
  • As always, the training schedule is a “living document” with frequent updates. PLEASE NOTE THAT MORE COURSES WILL BE FORTHCOMING SOON


Please download the current version of the Standard Training Course Application (see below) and destroy all old copies. Course hosts have one week after the schedule is published to submit their course applications after which time, applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

A completed and signed NYS OFPC Training Authorization Form should accompany applications for ALL hands-on courses.


Rosters are posted to as student registrations are compiled for the particular class, and only after the minimum number of registrations have been received. Rosters are updated periodically as registrations are received, as a course is full, or as the registration deadline has passed.


Please note that a new column has been added to the training schedule to indicate the status of a course.


  • N=New Course Announcement since last update
  • O=Open-Accepting Applications
  • F=Full-No longer accepting applications-All Confirmed and Alternate spots have been filled
  • A=Accepting Applications for Alternate Spots Only
  • R=Course at Risk of Not Running if 10 applications are not received by posted deadline
  • C=Information Changed since last update
  • P=Course In Progress