FREE training: Right Seat Leadership

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  • 2017-09-15 FREE training: Right Seat Leadership
    The company officer has to make time sensitive, often critical personnel decisions. Call it leadership or interpersonal dynamics, these decisions hurt officers more often than their technical or...
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Timagehe Erie County Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Services and are pleased to host this FREE training:

Right Seat Leadership

Sunday – October 15, 2017 – 9am-12pm (8:30am=Coffee/Donuts/Registration)

TO REGISTER: Submit a standard training course application to the Fire Safety Office for Course#512-17001


The company officer has to make time sensitive, often critical personnel decisions. Call it leadership or interpersonal dynamics, these decisions hurt officers more often than their technical or tactical decisions. This fast paced and often humorous program involves the participants in decision making to respond to a variety of real world situations in the firehouse, in the public, and on the fireground. These scenarios are presented on video and the participants interact with the facilitators and each other to explore different responses and possible outcomes. The discussions include recognizing the situation (and possible contributing factors), how to engage the situation and methods to resolve the issues. We all learn from observation and from participation, and this program allows for experiential learning with take home lessons (not theories, but practical methods) that you can apply at your department.


Who should attend?

Current and aspiring Company Officers and Chief Officers that supervise Company Officers; and especially Training Officers and Instructors that conduct officer development programs.


This course is designed to sharpen the skills of the current officers and to provide a better path for aspiring officers to learn the necessary “people” skills abilities. In a recent survey of fire officers, education and formal training appears to not be the primary sources of learning for officers. Rather, experience is. This class helps with the application step providing experiential learning.


Learning Objectives

Through discussion and interaction the participants will learn:

  • to differentiate the presented situation from contributing factors
  • the repercussions for incorrect or lack of action
  • specific techniques to engage and resolve issues that involve subordinates, peers, supervisors, civilians
  • about how we “learn” leadership
  • to recognize their own strengths and weakness in confronting and resolving interpersonal issues, and how they learn leadership skills. 


NOTE: This class is being video recorded by Fire Engineering Books & Video



Dave Casey and Chris Niebling are the co-owners of Ascend Leadership, a promotional testing firm and they are the co-authors of the Fire Engineering video series “The Right Seat – Company Officer Development Beyond the textbook” (Volumes 1 and 2), “The Right Seat: Volunteer Officer Development” (Volume 1) and with Jim Silvernail, “ Suburban Fire Tactics from the Right Seat”.  Both have written several articles for Fire Engineering magazine and are frequent presenters at the FDIC and state/provincial fire chief or instructor conferences.


Dave Casey, EFO, MPA, CFO, is managing partner of Ascend Leadership, co-authored the IAFC/NFPA/ISFSI textbook “Live Fire Training Principles & Practice”. He served as Louisiana and Florida’s state fire training directors, and was Fire Chief of Clay County (FL) for eleven years. He came up through the ranks as a volunteer firefighter with the Plantation Fire Dept to Assistant Fire Chief with 5 station, and as a career firefighter with Sunrise Fire Rescue retiring as Training/Personnel Division Chief (both in Florida).


Christopher Niebling is the Operations Deputy Chief in the Office of Emergency Management in Mantoloking, NJ, and is an active volunteer fire officer with the Mantoloking Fire Company.  He retired from Sunrise Fire Rescue (FL) as a fire officer with over 36 years including serving as the department’s Training Officer, and as an instructor at the Broward Fire Academy. Chris is the past Chairperson of the Florida Training Improvement Conference, and Vice President of the Florida Chapter of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors. Senior editor for the IAFC/NFPA text Pump Operator – Principles and Practice; and technical advisor for Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills DVD series.