After the birth of their daughter, Elise, now 7, Samuel and Marnie B. wanted to expand their family. Their church helped them discover foster parenting, which they also considered a way to give back to their community. Through their journey they cared for three foster children all under the age of 18 months. Samuel and Marnie hoped to someday adopt. When two of their three children could not be returned home, they were excited to begin the adoption process. The third child in their home continues to have a goal of return to parent. Samuel and Marnie work diligently to keep the parent connected and feel a part of the child’s life. They serve as good role models and show nothing but respect to the children’s birth parents and extended birth family. Samuel and Marnie are blessed to have the opportunity to give children a better life while their families get the assistance they need.


My experience with the foster to adoption program with Erie County was a great one! I would not have changed anything, it changed my life forever. I adopted my son in 2014. He has brought much joy to my life. I would highly suggest that if anyone cannot conceive a child on their own, to think about adopting a child. There are thousands of children looking for a forever home.


  • As of January 2016, there were more than 925 children residing in Erie County’s Foster Care System.
  • At the same time, there were 375 children age 5 and under in foster care.
  • Erie County’s Resource Desk searches for homes for approximately 100 children per month.
  • The most recent count showed 627 certified foster homes in Erie County.