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Buffalo/Erie County Safe Neighborhoods Initiative May 6 Minutes Released


            Erie County Legislature Chairperson Betty Jean Grant (D-Buffalo) is releasing for public and media review the minutes of the May 6, 2013, City of Buffalo/Erie County Safe Neighborhoods Initiative meeting. Chariperson Grant serves as an ex-officio member.


Buffalo/Erie County Safe Neighborhoods Initiative

Meeting #3 - Monday, May 6, 2013 at 2 p.m.

Meeting began at 2:15. 


Jeff Conrad, Chair

Betty Jean Grant, Ex-Officio

Tim Hogues, Vice Chair

John Glascott

Pastor James Giles

Kenya Hobbs

Lesley Haynes

Orlando Perez

Linwood Roberts

Vicki Ross

Murray Holman

Sherry Sherill

Dwayne Ferguson

Beverly Newkirk 

I. Welcome/Announcements - Jeff Conrad gave a welcome and encouraged folks to attend the subcommittee meetings. He reminded people to go vote in the School Board election tomorrow.  The Common Council's Legislation Committee is meeting to speak about the "Ban the Box" legislation at 2 p.m. 

II. Promise Neighborhood Presentation - Kenya Hobbs gave a 30-minute presentation to the members. He invited everyone to the next BCJI meeting: Thursday, May 9 at 10 a.m. at Community Health Care Center of Buffalo, Benwood Avenue, Byrne Criminal Justice Planning Team meeting - grant from Bureau of Justice to: increase police patrols, increase number of cameras and provide case management services AND Buffalo Promise Neighborhood Quality of Life Planning Meeting, Wednesday, May 15 at 6 p.m. at Westminster Community Charter School 

Betty Jean Grant requested that the Promise Neighborhood be expanded to E. Delevan. She asked about foot patrols from E. Delevan to Winspear on Bailey Avenue. Kenya Hobbs said this is Phase I of the project is this neighborhood, then hopefully it will expand into a larger area.  Bureau of Justice grant will cover some of the overtime needed for the foot patrol. 

Lesley Haynes asked about renovating homes and if apprentices are working with them.  Belmont is doing the contracting work. 

III. Subcommittee Reports - Good ideas have come out of the subcommittee meetings. There is overlap in the meetings, but the discussions have been good. 

- Healthcare - Broderick Cason: Healthcare is changing quickly and education is key. Healthcare reform is creating a new framework for the future.  Affordable Care Act says that you have the right to have access to healthcare.  New York State is going to run its own program without the federal government.  Employers have to provide it to every employee and individuals have to get it, which is the larger pool.  Platinum, gold, silver, bronze level of coverage, you pay more of the percentage for  a nicer plan.  By October 1, 2013, all the health plans have to be ready for the exchange and they will be effective January 1, then it's locked in for a year. Betty Jean Grant offered to have a community meeting at the Merriweather Library.

- Employment - Orlando Perez: Discussed transportation, adult education and access to job training, creating a workforce envelopment roundtable, creating a roadmap for workforce development groups to coordinate.

- Education - Vicki Ross: Betty Jean Grant asked that we lobby the new school board member to keep schools open late immediately, maybe even for the summer.  Success by 6 program funding was decreased, must lobby Poloncarz for that money to be put back into budget

- Youth - Pastor James Giles: it's incumbent upon us to have youth representation on these committees, we need summer mentoring immediately

- Community Services/ - Sherry Sherrill:  Betty Jean Grant asked that this committee advocate for community police officers in each district.

Pastor Giles: Buffalo Peacemakers has written a plan for the whole city, set up a budget for 11 part-time people who are dedicated to violence intervention, funding through mayor's gun buyback program.

IV. June/July Meeting Schedule - A schedule for the next two months was passed out to the members. 

Meeting was adjourned at 4:15.