Legislator Hardwick renews registration locally to keep tax dollars in Erie County

Legislator Kevin Hardwick was joined by Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns Thursday afternoon as he renewed his auto registration in the local DMV office. By renewing locally, tax dollars are kept in Erie County instead of being sent to Albany.

“When you send your registration to Albany, Erie County taxpayers get nothing back,” said Legislator Hardwick. “By renewing locally, 12.5 percent of the renewal fee is kept here. Thanks to the online reservation system, I was able to avoid long lines and complete this process quickly during lunch hour. I’d like to thank Clerk Kearns for joining me and for all his office has done in partnership with the Legislature to expand DMV services.”

“Legislator Hardwick’s experience at the Auto Bureau is why I have implemented the “Ready, Reserve, Renew Program,” said Clerk Kearns.  “If a county resident is ready with their paperwork before they come to the Auto Bureau they can be processed in as little as ten minutes.  Renewing local needs to be emphasized because when we do this it means greater revenue for Erie County projects and improvements.  Renewing local means everyone in Erie County wins.”

The Legislature also recently approved additional DMV staff positions in order to reduce wait times and offer extended hours. The Northtowns branch, located at 2309 Eggert Road, is now open Saturdays from 7am to 1pm.

 If you’d like to make an online reservation before heading to the DMV, visit the link here.

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