Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act (ATUPA)

Program Overview

Erie County’s Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Program (ATUPA) is part of a comprehensive state wide enforcement program designed to reduce the prevalence of tobacco use, and to attempt to prevent tobacco access to youth less than 18 years of age.

The program coordinator maintains an up to date listing of registered and unregistered tobacco retail dealers and vendors (including cigarette vending machines) within the County.  All facilities are visited yearly, by program personnel, to verify that they are properly registered with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to sell tobacco products; that proper signage regarding the sale of tobacco products to minors is conspicuously posted; and that tobacco products are properly and safely stored to prevent access to unauthorized individuals.

Additionally, at least one compliance check per year with underage youth is done at each facility where tobacco products are available for sale, to verify that such products are not being sold to minors.  Police departments in the City of Buffalo, and in various Towns, work with the County to complete these compliance checks.     


Erie County Department of Health 
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