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Baby Think It Over

Contact information
Liese Ness, MS ED, Community Coalition Coordinator
95 Franklin St., Room 952 
Buffalo, NY 14202
P:(716) 858-4752
F:(716) 858-8701

Program Overview

Baby Think It Over is an educational loan program available to all schools and community centers to teach teenagers about the realities and responsibilities of parenting.

Through the use of electronic dolls that cry randomly both day and night, teens learn about interruptions and frustration. All "babies" look real, with heads that move and need proper support. "Babies" are available in many different nationalities. All bodies of the "babies" are anatomically correct and need proper positioning to keep "baby" happy. "Babies" need to be fed, diaper changed, burped, and rocked, and may occasionally get fussy just like a real infant. The "baby" will "coo" when it is tended to properly with gentle care. A computer records the quality of the "parenting" session, (i.e. how many times the "baby" needs specific care, and if the baby is neglected or abused.)

Once the student has parent permission (obtained through the school or a community organization), an overnight or weekend "baby" loan allows the student to care for the "baby". Teens often comment that they had no idea how much work a baby is nor the amount of time and energy a baby demands of their personal time. In addition, as they take their "baby" through the mall or neighborhood streets, they quickly experience the reactions of friends, family and strangers when seeing a teenager in a "parent" role so early in their life.

Dolls are loaned to the schools, community-based organizations, and churches for FREE. You can choose the ethnicities (African American, Hispanic, or Caucasian) that reflect your student population. Babies will be both males and females.

A Drug Affected "baby" and a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome "baby" are also available. Extensive training materials help students learn the financial commitment babies require and the knowledge necessary to care for a baby.

"You tell them and they forget. You show them and they may remember. Involve them and they will understand."

Baby Think It Over is a lesson teens won't forget.