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What is the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program?

The Erie County Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (Child Lead) is responsible for the case management of lead poisoned children in Erie County. Child Lead addresses the potential for lead exposure, as well as preventing lead poisoned children from further exposure. The program conducts investigations and provides information to the parents or guardians of children under the age of 18 that have tested positive for elevated blood lead level.

Activities of the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

1.  Provide case management for children with elevated blood lead levels including:

  • Medical Case Management
  • Receipt and evaluation of all lead test results completed in Erie County
  • Notification to parent/guardian of elevated test results
  • Educational home visits and environmental referrals, as appropriate, based on blood lead levels
  • Information on proper medical evaluation and follow up in accordance with the recommendations of the New York State Department of Health and the Erie County Health Department
  • Environmental Case Management
  • Assessment of properties based on blood lead level
  • Notification to parents/guardians and property owners of potential lead hazards present at the property
  • Follow-up visits to ensure compliance, and act as an enforcement agent on non-compliance

2.  Provide information on legislation, sources of lead exposure, methods to reduce lead exposure, medical treatment, and lead hazard  control activities

  • Call the Erie County Department of Health at 716-961-6800
  • Available to the public – Lead Education Literature

3.  Provide leadership and coordination of intra-and inter-agency lead activities

  • The Child Lead program works with various organizations, as well as internal programs to promote the safety of children regarding exposure to lead. These partners may include:
    • New York State Department of Health
    • Western New York Lead Poisoning Prevention Resource Center
    • Regional Coalitions
    • Local Head Start Programs
    • Local School Systems

4.  Offer lead testing for children under age 6

  • The Erie County Department of Health arranges blood lead testing of children who require a test but cannot obtain one due to lack of health insurance coverage.

Funding provided by: New York State Department of Health


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