Conference Overview

Why this Conference:

In 2012 the Buffalo Public Schools published the results of the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a survey that measures engagement in health-risk behaviors that contribute to declines in overall wellness of students and put them at risk for dangerous or life-threatening outcomes.  More than 11,000 Buffalo Public School students in grades 6 through 12 took part in this survey.  The results were eye opening.  Three statistics of particular notice were;

  • Over half of BPS students report ever having had sexual intercourse, which is 20% higher than the state level.
  • Over 10% of BPS students report an early initiation of sexual activity (before 13 years of age), which is 64% higher than state and national levels.
  • One out of every five students report having had four or more sexual partners during their life, which is 41% higher than the state level.

It’s Time

With the cooperation of the University of Buffalo’s Institute on Trauma and Trauma Informed Care, the “Can we talk…” conference organizing committee has been able to create a specialized interactive conference specifically tailored for educators, youth service providers, health care providers and community based organizations.  The day has been designed to assist participants in understanding how trauma may impact the decisions young people make regarding behaviors that put them at increased risk of STI’s, the early on-set of sexual activity, unwanted pregnancies, intimate partner violence, truancy and low graduation rates.

Come and spend the day with professional trauma informed facilitators and youth leaders who will guide you to a better understanding of the role of trauma and assist you in building skills so that you can transform your conversation to a trauma informed conversation.