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Lead Hazard Control Program Brochure 

LEADSAFE Erie County's Lead Hazard Control Program is a low-cost initiative available to property owners, qualifying families and home-based daycares.  

Funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), LeadSAFE Erie County provides lead hazard identification and contracted labor & supplies* to remediate and control lead hazards at your property. This program is NOT intended to perform non-lead-related renovations or home rehabilitation work, although some funds may be available for minor healthy home improvements.
*Value not to exceed cost of correcting lead hazards only.  

As a HUD funded program, the Lead Hazard Control Program is subject to income restrictions. Occupants of units undergoing the application process must conform to HUD income guidelines as follows:

HUD income guidelines
Family SizeAnnualMonthlyWeekly
1 35,800 2,983 689
2 40,900 3,408 787
3 46,000 3,833 885
4 51,100 4,258 983
5 55, 200 4,600 1,061
6 59,300 4,942 1,140

For more information call 716-961-6800 and ask for the Lead Hazard Control Program.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Lead Hazard Control Mean?  

Lead Hazard Control is activity geared towards control and elimination of lead-based paint (LBP) hazards, including interim controls and abatement.  

  • Interim controls are a set of measures designed to temporarily reduce human exposure to LBP.
  • Abatement is a set of measures to permanently eliminate LBP hazards.

As a part of LeadSAFE Erie County, Lead Hazard Control performs cost effective interim controls and limited abatement of lead hazards. If no lead hazards exist, the program cannot offer assistance. Lead Hazard Control is NOTa rehab program.  

How does the Lead Hazard Control Program work?  

The program begins with you completing a simple application form. Once accepted, the program proceeds as follows:  

  • A "Letter of Intent" is signed with the Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH) that explains the program and outlines responsibilities and commitments of all partners;
  • The ECDOH staff will then complete a lead paint inspection/risk assessment at the property identifying all sources of lead and any lead hazards. The ECDOH will also collect income information to verify the applicant(s) conform to HUD guidelines for the program;
  • Program partner, Belmont Shelter Corp. will then prepare an estimate of the work and secure bids from certified lead contractors to perform lead hazard control work;
  • The bid is awarded and the property owner signs a contract with the contractor for the scope of work;
  • Using Lead Safe Work practices, the contractor completes the work as stipulated by the contract;
  • Finally, a clearance exam is performed by ECDOH to ensure that no lead hazards exist.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?  

If your property is in Erie County and...  

  • Was built before 1978;
  • Is a one, two, three, or four unit building;
  • You have a child or children under the age of 6 living in the home OR regularly visiting more than 6 hours per week;
  • You meet the minimum household income eligibility guidelines (see above)

           Call (716) 961-6800 for more information and ask to speak to Lead Hazard Control Program Staff.

If my children are all 6 years old or older can I still participate?  

Possibly. Due to HUD grant guidelines there must be a child under 6 years old either living in or spending more than 6 hours a week at the property. Homes with well-documentedvisiting children and daycares will be accepted. If you or someone in your home is pregnant, you can qualify as well.  

What is a lead based paint inspection/risk assessment?  

A Lead Based Paint (LBP) inspection is a surface by surface investigation to determine the presence of LBP. A risk assessment is an on-site investigation of residential dwellings to discover any lead based paint hazards. Both are completed at the same time during the LeadSAFE Erie Countyprogram inspection.  

How long will it take to have the work done and complete the program?  

Depending on the number of lead hazards identified and the cooperation by all parties, it will take approximately 1 week to remediate the hazards. From start to finish, the entire program can take up to 4 months.  

Will I have to relocate my family or tenants while work is being completed?  

Every effort will be make to allow you to stay in your home. However, you must leave the property while work is in progress. Most work will be completed during normal business hours and except on rare occasions, participants will be able to return at the end of the day.  

Am I required to repair any lead hazards that have been identified?  

All lead hazards identified during the risk assessment must be corrected whether or not the property is further enrolled into the program. LeadSAFE Erie County Lead Hazard Control is designed to cover contracted costs up to an average of $10,000 for supplies and labor. However, if costs of repairs exceed the maximum amount available through the grant, you may be able to assist with funding the work above and beyond your percent contribution and / or perform some of the work yourself.  

What if I choose not to participate in the program after I sign-up?  

You have the option of leaving the program up until the signing of the contract with the contractor. However, you must still repair any lead hazards identified.  

Will I receive a cash award or stipend to make repairs in my home?  

No.You will receive lead hazard control work valued at up to an average of $10,000. The program is designed to cover only the cost of repairing lead hazards, and all repair funds (supplies and labor) go directly to the contractor performing the work.  

What if I have a deteriorated window that does NOT contain lead?  

ONLYsurfaces that have been identified as a lead hazard are eligible for interim controls or abatement.  

I am a landlord. What will be required of me and my tenants to participate?  

The program staff and contractors performing the work will require entry to the unit numerous times throughout the project. It will be necessary for you to assist in coordinating this. Without access, the work cannot be completed at specified in your contract and required by HUD guidelines.  


I rent and run a family daycare at my home. Do I need the property owner's permission to participate?  

Yes. Both you and the property owner must agree to participate. As the homeowner, your landlord is the one who is required to enter into the agreement and sign the contract. He or she will be the one receiving the supplies & labor. But, you can certainly encourage his participation by offering to work closely with him and the program staff to ensure that you will allow the work to be done.    

As the homeowner, is there any cost to me to participate in the program?   

In order to allow funds to go farther and control lead hazards in as many homes as possible, LeadSAFE Erie County Lead Hazard Control is asking for a small contribution to the final cost of labor and materials not to exceed 10% of the total. Depending on your income, you as the homeowner could pay as little as 2%, or nothing at all!   

It sounds like a lot of work to participate in the program. Is it worth it?  

YES!Whether you're a parent, caregiver, or property owner, safety of our community's kids is of great concern. What better way to protect them than by making sure that no child will be exposed to lead hazards while at your home?   

Are there qualifications to participate?    

Yes. Your property must be in Erie County, built before 1978, have a child or children under the age of 6 living in the home or visiting more than 6 hours per week, and meet the minimum eligibility guidelines listed below. All children under 6 must be tested for lead before work begins. Assistance is available for this as well.   

HUD guidelines require the occupant to have and provide documentation that their household income is less that 80% of the median Erie County Household Income*. Preference will be given to those occupants whose income is 50% or less of the median income. *income before taxes; see table at the top of this page    

LeadSAFE Erie County program partners:    

Belmont Shelter Corporation
Alside Construction
Sherwin Williams

Funding provided by: U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development