OETF Community Education Meeting Minutes December 2016

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Erie County Opiate Epidemic Task Force
Community Education Committee
Meeting Minutes

Location: Erie County Fire Academy
Date: Monday 19 Dec 2016
Time: 10:00 – 11:45

Attendees: (Apologies for any misspelling) Pasquale Greco, Jessica Hutchings, MaryBeth Dreyer, Kristie Schuter, Elizabeth Freas, Lamont Pugh, Dawn Sagerman, Larry Allen, Sue Allen, John Gaeddert, Frank Scarpinato, Barbara Burns, Lynne Dixon, Sally Yageric

Agenda items 

  1. Deeper point (arose several times during today’s discussion): when we are dealing with groups of authority figures, such as sheriffs, superintendents, judges, or politicians, there are often individual hold-outs that will hamper progress in their region. All we can do is persist with our efforts until the hold-outs have a change of heart, or move on to different jobs.)
  2. Discussion of recent “Recovery Works” forum (12 Dec 2016). Attendance was lower than expected, but the speakers were very good.
  3. Announcement of tree dedication (Tree of Remembrance and Healing) in Rath building, 19 Dec 2016.
  4. The “Pointny.org” website is being updated to include resources on Narcan availability? The changes are not live yet.
  5. Cheryll has done 3 Narcan trainings at the Church of the Good Shepherd recently, all have been well-attended.
  6. Kids Escaping Drugs will be talking with a gathering of School Resource Officers (SROs) in the near future.
  7. The FDA has recently (8 Dec 2016) filed racketeering charges against (several former employees of) Insys Therapeutics for over-prescription of fentanyl-based pain medication. This is good news on two levels: 1.) Justice may eventually be served, and 2.) when we’re seeking to combat the stigma of drug addiction, we can point out that many people were basically “prescribed into” addiction.
  8. School Survey: a short (six-question) survey has been developed and will be distributed to school superintendents in early 2017. It has intentionally been kept as short as possible to increase the response rate.
  9. There is an online database (Erie County, NY Risk Indicator Database, at erieidb.org, maintained by Buffalo State College) that can display various risks and information in an overlay map.
  10. Continuing discussion of “Target Audience” list (list originally distributed 5 April 2016 or thereabouts?)
    1. School Personnel: Students should be involved in discussions too: They’re affected by the crisis, and they’ll spot situations that the school staff may overlook.
    2. Parents: It’s important to have resources available for children and siblings of people who use drugs. There is a web site, “Just Tell One” (justtellone.org) and a Facebook group (WNY Still Standing).
    3. Discussion will resume in 2017 with “Doctors and Treatment Professionals.”
  11. A tentative schedule has been decided for 2017 meetings: the 3rdMonday of the month unless there is a schedule conflict.
    1.  23 Jan 2017
    2. 13 Feb 2017
    3. 20 Mar 2017
    4. 24 Mar 2017
    5. 15 May 2017
    6. 19 Jun 2017
    7. 17 Jul 2017
    8. 21 Aug 2017
    9. 18 Sep 2017
    10. 16 Oct 2017
    11. 20 Nov 2017
    12. 18 Dec 2017
    13. Dates for three of four quarterly meetings are now available:
      1. Q1: 6 Feb 2017
      2. Q2: 1 May 2017
      3. Q3: 7 Aug 2017
      4. Q4: TBD








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