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ECDOH Online Complaint/Question System

Call (716) 961-6800 during regular business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.

For urgent issues, call (716) 961-7898 outside of regular business hours.

Please do NOT use this system if:

  • Your question requires an immediate response
  • You are a facility operator reporting an incident
  • You are reporting an animal bite
  • You have no heat
  • If you are concerned about Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas or other poisons -- leave the site immediately and dial 911
  • If you are reporting an emergency, dial 911 immediately
  • If you are reporting a food related illness, please call (716) 858-7697.

Please note: This is the website for the Erie County (NY) Department of Health in Buffalo.  If you are seeking the Erie County (PA) Department of Health in Erie, PA, please refer to their website at

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