Opiate Epidemic Task Force

About the Task Force

The Opiate Epidemic Task Force was created by Executive Order #014.  The Task Force is composed of seven (7) committees, which will meet regularly and report back to the group.

Provider Education & Policy Reform - led by Dr. Paul Updike, Catholic Health and Erie County Commissioner of Health, Dr. Gale BursteinTask Force Committees
  1. Community Education - led by Barbara Burns of the U.S. Attorney General’s Office, Western Region of NY
  2. Families and Consumer Support & Advocacy - led by Debra Smith, Parent Advocate
  3. REAP Program - led by Dan Rinaldo of NYNJ-HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area)
  4. Treatment Providers - led by Erie County Commissioner of Mental Health, Michael Ranney
  5. Hospitals/ER ROI Project - led by Dr. Joshua Lynch
  6. Naloxone Access - led by Cheryll Moore of the Erie County Department of Health   
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