Article 11E - Department of Senior Services - Code

Section 11-E-01 Department established.
  11-E-02 Commissioner; powers and duties.
  11-E-03 Advisory board.

Section 11 E 01 Department established. There shall be a department of senior services as established by the Erie county charter.

Section 11 E 02 Commissioner; powers and duties. There shall be a commissioner of the department of senior services to be appointed with powers and duties pursuant to provisions of the Erie county charter.

Section 11 E 03 Advisory board. The county executive shall appoint nineteen persons to serve without compensation on an advisory board for the department of senior services to advise on matters relating to senior citizens in the county. The board shall include not less than ten members who are Erie county residents, sixty two years of age or older. Membership shall be proportionately representative of the geographical areas within Erie county. The term of office of members of the board shall be two years. Officers of the board shall be selected by the membership thereof. Members of the board shall include, but not be limited to, representatives of the council of senior citizens clubs of Buffalo and Erie county, inc., and of the retired senior volunteer program.
Article 11 E Added by Local Law No. 5 1979.


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