Article 22-C - Erie County Community Coordinating Council on Children and Families - Charter

Section 22-C-01. Legislative declaration of policy.
  22-C-02. Establishment, powers and duties.
  22-C-03. Membership, meetings.
  22-C-04. The county executive.
  22-C-05. Staff.
  22-C-06. Effective date.

Section 22-C-01. Legislative declaration of policy. It is hereby declared to be the public policy of Erie county, New York, to take all proper measures to preserve and strengthen the family unit and to aid in the establishment of a nurturing environment to encourage the proper development of children.

To further this policy the Erie county government provides evaluation, treatment and preventative services to the children and families of Erie county.

The Erie county legislature finds that this policy and these services can be more effectively administered and efficiently delivered by systematic coordination among the local government, public voluntary system of social, educational, health, mental health and other supportive and rehabilitative services to children and families.

The services system can be strengthened by:

  1. Fostering cooperation among local government and both public and voluntary agencies to provide better coordination supervision of services to children and families.
  2. Eliminating duplication of services where possible and maximizing service provisions through judicious use of tax dollars, grants and other funding mechanisms as may become available.
  3. Stressing more meaningful accountability by providers, in all sectors, regarding the quality and quantity of services provided to children and families.
  4. Improving methods of ascertaining community needs and setting program goals as they relate to services for children and families.

Section 22-C-02. Establishment, powers and duties. There is hereby created, the Erie county community coordinating council on children and families, hereafter called council. The council shall:

  1. Develop a methodology to evaluate, monitor and ascertain the effectiveness of current programs in children's services.
  2. Identify problems and deficiencies in existing services and recommend corrective action.
  3. Improve coordination of program and fiscal resources within the children's services system.
  4. Act as a liaison between county governmental units, public voluntary programs and the state and federal government, fostering better communication between all involved.
  5. Review and resolve administrative, and where appropriate, regulatory differences between agencies.
  6. Develop long range plans to improve services to children and families. This should be accomplished through a five year comprehensive service plan similar to those utilized by county departments.
  7. Act as a forum for community discussion of issues pertaining to services for children and families.
  8. Carry out any and all activities deemed necessary to accomplish the goals of the council as stated herein.

Section 22-C-03. Membership; meetings.

The council shall consist of fifteen members to be appointed by the county executive subject to confirmation by the county Legislature.  The county executive shall appoint to the council at least two persons recommended by each of the majority and minority leaders of the Legislature.

Nominations for the remaining positions shall be actively solicited from groups which represent and are active in children and family issues.  The departments of health, mental health, probation, social services and office of the disabled shall each designate one eprson to serve as an ex-officio non-voting member of the council.

The term of office for all members of the Council, with the exception of the ex-officio members, shall be two (2) years.

The council shall have the authority to appoint ad hoc council members to advise them, as they may deem necessary.

The council shall have at least four meetings each year with at least one meeting to be in each quarter of the year.  The council shall adopt rules and procedures for its meetings; shall keep accurate records of its meetings and activities, and shall file an annual report of its activities and recommendations with the county elgislature and the county executive.

Section 22-C-04. The county executive. The county executive shall require any county department, division, board, council, committee, authority or agency, or other unit or any agency or organization receiving county funding, to provide such facilities, assistance and data as will enable the commission to properly effectuate its powers and duties under this article.

Section 22-C-05. Staff. The council shall be provided with a coordinator, under the auspices of the county executive to serve the council in capacities which include managing the correspondence of the council; providing a schedule of meeting dates; distributing a calendar of information on programs and events members may be interested in attending. The coordinator shall also serve as research assistant, and coordinate and implement the use of the monitoring mechanism, so that the council shall have service and program data to use in its planning efforts. The council and its coordinator shall also have access to secretarial staff as needed to complete its tasks.

Amended by Local Law No. 3 1992.
Amended by Local Law No. 7 1990.
Added by Local Law No. 4 1988.

Amended by Local Law 3-2014

Article 22-C was formerly numbered article 23-C, which was formerly numbered Article XVI-F.


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