Article 7 - Department of Parks and Recreation - Code

Section 7.01 Organization.
  7.02 Division of parks.
  7.03 Division of recreation.
  7.04 Bureau of forestry.
  7.05 Rules and regulations.

Section 7.01 Organization.

The department of parks and recreation shall be headed by a commissioner, who shall organize it, under the supervision and direction of the county executive, into (1) a division of parks, (2) a division of recreation, and (3) a bureau of forestry.

Section 7.02 Division of parks. The division of parks shall be headed by a deputy commissioner. He shall have supervision and control over the management, design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of all county owned and operated properties and recreation facilities for all the purposes set forth in section seven hundred two of the county charter, except as provided by section 7.03 and 7.04 of this article and article 10 of this code.

Section 7.03 Division of recreation. The division of recreation shall be headed by a deputy commissioner. He shall(1) supervise and direct such county recreational facilities as the commissioner of parks and recreation shall designate; (2) plan, organize and direct county recreation programs; (3) with consent of the commissioner of parks and recreation, advise and assist any city, town or village in the county in the planning of recreation programs; and (4) file a detailed report of the activities of the division with the commissioner of parks and recreation and the county legislature.

Section 7.04 Bureau of forestry. The bureau of forestry shall be headed by the county forester who shall (1)plan, develop, operate, maintain and manage county forest lands;(2) consult with and advise the division of parks, the department of public works and any other county department or agency requesting his services in the selection, planting, care and maintenance of trees on any property owned or operated by the county; and (3) have such other powers and duties as may be conferred or imposed upon him by the commissioner of parks and recreation.

Section 7.05 Rules and regulations. The county legislature shall have power by ordinance or local law to regulate the use of forests, parks, playgrounds, athletic fields and recreation centers owned or operated by the county and to provide for the enforcement thereof.


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