Local Laws - 1954

Local Law No. 1

            Repeals local laws 1, 2, and 3 of 1952 and sets up new base salaries for elected officials and officials appointed for a definite term inErieCounty.  These base salaries are increased yearly until a prescribed maximum salary is met. 


Local Law No. 2

             Sets the salary of the Commissioner of Buildings along with the rate such salary is to be increased each year until the maximum is reached.  Also sets the salary and rate of increase for the Commissioner of Elections, Commissioner of Equalization, and Erie County Purchasing Agent. 


Local Law No. 3

            Air pollution control within Erie County.  Declares that pollution of the atmosphere by smoke, dust, gas, vapor, or odor, is a nuisance to the welfare and comfort of the people of the county.  Establishes active and continuing supervision of combustion processes, and the emission of certain harmful or objectionable substances into the atmosphere.  Creates the Board of Air Pollution Control to carry out the above mentioned supervision.  The Board must also appoint an air pollution control engineer who shall carry out the administrative enforcement of their local law.  


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